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Great customer service

I've bought a few APC units in the past, and had an issue with a new unit having dead batteries. The store I purchased it from wouldn't give me the time of day, however APC customer support was extremely helpful, and shipped me a replacement. They also said they would follow up with me to make sure that it was working properly.


Great Service, Great Quality, Poor Shipping

I've seen some Moo business cards in the past, and have greatly impressed by them, so I ordered some business cards from Moo, was in a bit of a rush, but the DHL option was within my timeframe, so no need for rush shipping.

The problem is with the shipping. DHL never attempted delivery, despite saying they did. The driver never got out of his van, if he passed at all. I called them minutes after they said they attempted delivery, and I was told that dispatch would call me back and reroute the driver. It never happened. When I called back, I was told that the driver was done for the day, and by the time they would be able to deliver, it was past the required date. They also informed me that there would be duty fees equal to the price I paid for the cards.

After contacting Moo, they immediately refunded the order, and apologized profusely. As for DHL, they never got back to me.


Great Prices, in store is great, online not so much.

Ordered a router from Canadacomputers, to be shipped to a nearby store. Figured it would only take a day, two at the most. After a week of waiting, I called to find out what was going on. "It is still being processed" was the answer i got. 1 week, and they hadn't even processed the order.

I canceled, ordered it from tigerdirect and got it the next day.


no attemp made at delivery and duty cost as much as the item shipped

In a rush to get a package, i decided to have a $20 item, manufactured in the US shipped to Canada via DHL Express. They charged me almost the same amount as the item I had shipped in custom duties, and when I had checked the status, it said "Delivery attempted; recipient not home", as I was looking out the window. There was absolutely 0 effort put in to the delivery of this package. The driver saw it was an apartment building, and just drove on. Didn't try to buzz anyone (if he had, he would have noticed there was no buzzer, and the door was wide open). Didn't walk up the stairs, and see the note on the door that said "We are home, ring doorbell", He just drove on.

A call to DHL was answered quickly, and the customer service agent was polite, and informed me that she would attempt to re-route the delivery for another attempt, and that dispatch would call me back shortly. That followup call did not happen,

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