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unreliable outright liars

i bought a two and a half grand plus gibson r8 off these chancers and have had better service from a pound shop.Unreliable , was told to bring the guitar back in a month or so for a free set up , brought it back on the date the shop had set to find out their alleged repair guy was on holiday went back the next week and had to leave the guitar for another week and when i went to collect it as far as i could tell they,d changed the strings.The action was high but buzzing and the repair guy responce was 'well i can,t hear it' I am 48 and have been playing for thirty years and could not quite believe these clowns expected me to believe them that i was hearing things.This guitar was the realisation of a lifetimes dream tarnished by an attitude of thats as good as it gets ,it wasnt i took the guitar to jimmy at ccmusic an he turned it round in a couple of days.The salesmen are outright liars as i was told the guitar had a one piece slab fingerboard which it doesn,t it has a two piece ply fingerboard. All in all if i ever by another high end custom shop gibson it wont be in glasgow because these clowns seem to have the distribution in town with a stack em high , sell em quick and to hell with the customer just tell them anything to make the sale and once the,ve paid just ridicule them and any concerns they have , seriously they are that bad


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United Kingdom