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latest from CEO Ben

He (Ben) tells me in an e-mail hes trying to build a brand, this appears to be the reason they dont pay out one time. Ben suggested an Amazon voucher for £10 as a way to shut me up. He would be better dealing with the problem that he cant pay for good sent to him within his own stated time scale? If Ben thinks not sending customers there cash for the goods he has within the stated time scale is a way of building a brand
he seems to be missing the point, you can only build a brand if you treat your customer right and reading other reviews your late payment seems to be a on going problem for ZAPPER. CAN I SUGGEST BEN CEO OF ZAPPER IF YOU CANT PAY FOR THE GOODS REMOVE YOUR WEBSITE AND STOP, WHAT AMOUNTS TO STEALING OTHER PEOPLES PROPERTY OR LEARN TO PAY UP ON TIME THEN YOU MIGHT BUILD A BRAND


Comlete waste of time said over ten days ago money was transfered to my account and today 29th June 2013 it is still not in my bank I would have been better binning the goods than being cheated out of

If your ever selling anything dont use Ziffit they say your money been paid but even after 10 days its still not in your bank account. Dont trust them they take the goods and dont pay what they agreed to pay.

01 July 2013

Reply from Ziffit Ltd

Hi there Kathleen,

Sorry to hear of this issue. Our system is showing your trade sent on the 16th June and paid on the 21st of June via bank transfer. If you can please get in touch with us at benjamin.edwards@ziffit.com we can re-confirm your bank account details and ensure the payment has gone through.

Apologies again for the inconvenience.


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