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The worst company EVER!!

Talk about a bunch of muppets!!! Well!! Everything was fine. I have been with talk talk for over 18 months and the bills were fine. I was told my bills would remain £29 per month as i was not sent the confirmation of the price increase. I then find out in January they decises to increase my bills by £2 per month. I was annoyed. The man on the other line ignored what i was saying and wanted to offer 10p off my bills for 6 months. This was last week. My contract ends in june. Whild on the phone I arrange my hom move. I was disgusted to find that they were telling me I has to take ANOTHER 18 month contract to be able to move OR pay £300 for the youview box and breakage fee. I do not want another contract!! Im sure this is illegal!!!.. Im now disgusted to find that 24 hours after the services were supposed to be activated they still are not and im being told to wait a further 48 hours. I cannot get any quotes from other companied as talk talk have done something to the line and i am a student and badly need the internet. I would never reccomend this company to anyone and as soon as they get back to me i will be filing an official complaint and taking lega action for the inconveniences caused!!!


Worst experience of my life

I was with orange for all of 6 months before I started having problems. When I took my first contract out in 2012, I decided to get a second contract on my account which turned out to be the worst mistake I could have mad. Every single month I had extra charges an had to ring up to correct their mistakes!!! This went on April May June July and August last year.. By September they went 1 step further and cut my phone off when I was 250 miles from home on my own so could not contact anyone. When I contacted them yet again they cut me off because of the £16 which they over charged me 3 months previous which they has told me had been corrected. This occurred again in the October.. I then spoke to several different people to have both of the contracts cancelled.. The stress was too much it has taken a further 4 months, but they have now finally cancelled the contracts after me beginning legal proceedings.. Useless company I would not advise anyone to sing a contract with them



Took the ridiculous fees strait out of my banks I rang and spoke and they told me it would take 30 days to be refunded. I wasn't happy as i work for an on-line fashion company myself so i know exactly how easy it is to issue a refund. To take the Mick even more after 45 days i rang as i wanted to purchase something but am unwilling unless i am refunded only to be told to wait another 30 days. The Muppet on the phone told me the billing department have no telephone line... Well I know for a FACT that either the billing 'department' is sat in the same office as them or is them. We tell customers all the time that they have just rang a reception line so I KNOW the bullshit they're coming out with. Paypal refunds take a click of a button.. fair enough they may have a back log but 30 days is just ridiculous!!!... I WANT MY MONEY BACK TODAY OR I WILL BE TAKING YOU TO A SMALL CLAIMS COURT!!!! FSA AND TRADING STANDARDS ARE ALL TO FAMILIAR WITH ME..

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