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I was slightly sceptical as I had never heard of SerenataFlowers before but all I can say is that I cannot fault their service. I had a text to confirm the order, another to say it's on it's way and another to confirm it had been delivered. Great value and free delivery. Will definitely use them again.

Hotel Pronto

Rectifed.....but only just.....but still lost money!

I made a booking through Hotel Pronto because it was giving the largest discount back on a cashback website.
Normally when I book a hotel on-line, I would e-mail the hotel to make sure it's all ok. They didn't reply so I rang them up the day before I was due to leave and thank goodness for that. They didn't have my booking. I contacted Hotel Pronto and was told that the booking had been cancelled. I asked how it was cancelled only to be told that the e-mail hadn't been sent to me. Due to the hotel changing prices, they then said my booking didn't go through. I told them that I had the confirmation infront of me and quoted the booking reference. I was then told that should I want to continue with the booking, I had to pay a further £40. After arguing and seeking the help of a supervisor, they honoured my booking. However, I found out later that I didn't get the cashback as they had cancelled my first booking only to book it again. That's £35 I lost because of someone's incompetence. I appreciate they honoured the booking at the end but so they jolly well should do!
Looking on the bright side, we could have got to the hotel at 1.45a.m to find that we had no booking at all.



It's great to get a little money back on top of the purchases - just got to remember to Quidco and find to see if it's listed before making the purchase(s).
Also there seems no way of arguing a case if the fault lies with the retailer e.g. if retailer cancels / changes the order, I loose the cash back.

11 July 2013

Reply from Quidco

Hi George,

It's great of you to leave a review for us.

I'm pleased that you are enjoying your Quidco experience. In an instance such as the one that you have suggested it is always worth getting in contact with us and we will certainly investigate to see if there is anything that we can do for you.

Best wishes,


I researched the price of the microwave and appliancesonline came up with the best price. I was very happy with the ordering process and liked the way I was able to see straight away which delivery dates were available. Though I accepted that the delivery could be between 7am - 7pm, I think I later had a text narrowing the time scale.

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