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Spend Your Paypal Balance with the Paypal Debit Card!

I just received my new Paypal Debit Card! Incredible it took me so long, years in fact, to discover that Paypal will issue a Paypal debit card for you to spend your Paypal balance offline. It took about 10 days from the application to the card arriving in my mail. Love it!

Also, I read some of the negative reviews for Paypal and I want to report that I have had no problems with Paypal. I have had to ask for refunds and that went very smooth as well. I hope to never have any problems!


Really Well Made Accessories (Purse/Wallet)

Wow. I have had this Kate Spade wallet for about 5 years and it is finally broken in. It will last me a lifetime, I am certain I will get tired of it before it wears out. The cool thing is, you can PACK it and it still closes no problem. After all these years, no loose threads, no seams close to busting, nothing, in perfect shape. I got it as a gift so no idea how much it costs but if you want a REALLY well made purse or wallet, invest in Kate Spade!


Promotions, Coupon Codes, Discounts, Updated Frequently

So I stumbled onto the Coupon Shoebox web site and have used it twice now, once last year I got $400 off a vacation (Expedia), and I just got a killer deal with AT&T. I also got the free Netflix trial but I already new about that and cannot say I got it because of the site. I would surely recommend stopping in here before purchasing just to see if they if they have a Coupon Code, Discount, Reward, Promotion that you won't find anywhere else... You won;t be sorry!

Super Simple Website - My Grandma Could Use This!

The only thing that will slow you down in making a website using this site is that you have not thought out what you want completely. You should have your content all ready to go because this is really super simple - you fill in a form and in a couple days you have a web site! It is really free, they do not take any CC info to charge you for extras. I just got mine up and running and am totally pleased. The site has this really cute cartoon on their home page that explains their service. No idea (yet) how they can do this, but if you need a web site give these folks a try.


I use this Daily and Love it!

I have been using LogMeIn for several years and I love it. I read the other review about it here and I have to say I have had excellent customer service as well. I have 3 pay accounts because I need access to several computers and I need some of the advanced features -- as a result I have needed help from time to time. It's a huge company, but when you are talking to their rep, it has a country town feel, like they really care about your issue and they work with you good naturedly till it is resolved. Not only that but the white elephant here is really how super-easy they make the business of remote access. If techy stuff is not your thing but you need to get into your computer while away from home, this is definitely for you. The free version is probably all you need unless you want to start transfering files. Give it a try!

MoneyNing Personal Finance

Great Site for Coupon Codes and Promotions, Updated Regularly!

I love MoneyNing. I used one of their promotion codes and saved $400 on a vacation using Expedia. Be sure to check carefully though as Travelocity also had very good promotions, just not to where I was going. The trick is to get the codes from MoneyNing. I'm sure there are others I just know about this one and it is updated regularly -- the web site gets a lot of love.

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