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Awful customer service, and a company that deserves to go under.

They have got to be one of the worst companies to deal with when it comes to changing or ending a contract, even after 5 hours of trying to get them to cancel my contract and being told that I was making "the wrong decision" by leaving them and that leaving them for a rival carrier was "stupid", they still didn't even do what I asked them to do in the first place which was end my rolling contract, which resulted in me having to phone them AGAIN, and of course going through the exact same stuff and tripe that their staff have to come out with. All in all they are a horrible company to deal with, don't be suckered in by their cheap deals as what you may have saved in money, you pay for in time, effort and stress with having to deal with rude and frankly incompetent staff. Do yourselves a favor and go with a different carrier, 3 are a shambles of a company.

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