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EBAY Buyer Protection a Joke, and Seller Feedback controlled for powersellers

EBAY has gotten so greedy and power hungry, that they allow buyers to be scammed if the seller makes them big bucks in power seller sales. I received some knock off perfume and contacted the seller who, along with ebay, demands I pay for return shipping. Sellers can scam buyers and trust that the majority will not pay out of pocket to return, and the seller and EBAY scores at your expense. I even left negative feedback for seller and ebay removed it because I also mentioned EBAY'S failed Buyer Protection in demanding scammed buyers pay to return shipping...getting burned by the seller first, and then by ebay. Insult to injury. SHAME ON EBAY. I did pay to return it with tracking, for the principle of it all, BUT ebay removed the feedback. How can we trust feedback when ordering from sellers if ebay removes honest and helpful issues with 'power sellers"'s all about money and a very dishonest place to buy ;0( Didn't use to be this way.

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