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Scam total rip off company

Bought an item through living social it arrived broke tried to contact both living social and the company itself on many occasions had to reply very poor service so beware! Rip off comany


Clay like makeup cheap and chatty

I went for a makeup lesson with mac just fancied a change to my usual make up and read all the top reviews raving how good it is. To secure a lesson I had to pay £30 (never had to do this with any other make up counter) but you get it back, well to spend against products. Had my make up lesson. Make up consultant was a pushy type selling the products. Foundation smelt cheap and felt clay like on the skin. I bought 2 eyeshadows and 2 lipsticks. Regretted my purchase immediately. Was ripped off got charged an extra £5 for the woman to put the eyeshadows in a palette, all she said was she would put them in a palette for me as it's much better. Very sneaky and unbelievably cheeky. No mention that you pay extra for the palette. I should have took them straight back but being a new mum I'm very pushed for time. Make up is of poor quality smells so cheap and looks like horrible. Cakey just avoid. And if you do like the makeup avoid the pushy sales consultants (they must be on commission)


Bad customer service

I have now twice experienced bad customer service within debenhams stores. Waiting at a Jewellery counter for an exceptionally long time only for another customer to come along (who hadn't been waiting) be served before me. I pointed this out and the two members of staff (if that's what you call them) to look at me blankly! They told me to take the jewellery to another part of store to pay which I did only to waste my time as another counter could not scan items therefore try lost sales as I was not willing to wait any longer. Disgusted.
Another time was at a beauty part been waiting to purchase an item and the staff to busy chatting to a customer (who they obviously knew just looked at me and didn't even apologise for the wait so again another lost sale. I will now not shop there again


Poor service and coffee is not that nice!

Absolutely disgusted with service from Starbucks and the coffee is not even that nice. Long wait and customer service was the worst! Costa coffee is so much better


Best hairdryer

Love this hairdryer, makes styling time so much quicker used to take about 20mins to dry my hair and with ghd air it is half that time! Best purchace.

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