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Like an emergency service that works.

What I needed was ordered within minutes and delivered the next day without delay or quibble. I am more than satisfied with my purchase, though the follow-up service was a little... clingy. All good.


Easy, prompt, and courteous.

I got what I wanted ordered within minutes, delivered quickly by a courteous and well-presented delivery agent. The price seems good, and the service thus far impeccable. I am satisfied.


Thieves and inept liars.

They once added over £300 to my account with no explanation. When challenged, they could still provide no explanation, but would not stop trying to take the money.

I cancelled all payments to them and awaited a response and/or threat of account closure. Months later, I discovered that they had quietly re-credited my account and that I had not been billed in the interim.

I never received an apology or explanation, and I was left to wonder how many people had failed to challenge them on such charges. My own investigation suggests many.

I eventually cancelled all services with them after almost twelve weeks of unusable internet and phone services following a later fault (and the last in a constant occurrence of them). Having had engineers fail to find the fault, and with the company unwilling to refund me the money paid for a service they had failed to deliver, I terminated the contract. I received a rude email warning me that I was liable for any remaining contractual payments, whereupon I furnished them with a connectivity report from their own technical department (obtained with just a little wrangling some time prior to the exchange) and threatened them with legal action. I warned them never to bother me again.

I was connected within days to the only rival at the time to offer their own telephone and internet services in my area. An engineer for the rival company uncovered the problem in minutes when he discovered that the BT lines for the street had been cross-wired with the rival's in what was an utterly inexcusable (and frankly, illegal) demonstration of technical ineptitude on the part of a BT engineer. The only other explanation he could offer was that someone had been fiddling illegally with the equipment, and that the BT engineers had failed to notice it.

I will never use BT services where I have a choice. Their downright dishonest advertising ('four times the national average' means four times an average that they themselves have set at a global low, despite at least one rival having provided substantially better services for years) should be notice enough to avoid them.

Do a little search regarding the silent erroneous charges, and you'll see that it's not just the odd isolated case. Ask a few friends, and I'm willing to bet more than one has had to chase erroneous charges and was dissatisfied with the result.

If you use their services, scrutinise EVERY bill.

I have used a rival for several years now, and I couldn't be happier. I am ashamed that it took so long to realise just how much better off I would be with someone else; I only realised just how bad BT were when I finally experienced a proper service provider.


Never let me down.

eBay provides a convenient medium through which to exchange currency for a wide range of goods. I have used eBay for years with no hassle. I have never had serious problems with another eBay user, so I have no personal reference by which to judge their ability to resolve issues.


Ever-expanding services, and I've never paid a penny.

I find myself using more and more of Google's services. For one thing, I get a lot for nothing. For another, they keep adding more to the list.

I can't ignore the fact that without them, I would not have an Android. With no other real alternative to the loathsome iPhone, I might never have attained the technological nirvana that I so utterly enjoy.

When you're so good at something that everyone wants to use your services, it's not a monopoly. It's called success.


They get you there.. in pieces.

Plenty of false economy here, especially when you realise that to receive anything near to the minimum service offered anywhere else, you will eventually have to pay substantially more, regardless of the base price.

Use only if you intend to carry no more than a laptop bag, and if you don't mind cramped and sometimes dirty conditions. Your experience will not be comfortable if you're over five foot tall and have legs attached. You will not be rested.

They have always got me to where I was going, yet always left me with the vague feeling that I've been subjected to something sordid. Thankfully, not so bad as to be unforgettable, but enough to make me frown when I have to use them again.


They do a job.

The only problem I have with Paypal is the confusion and rubbish that entail the forwarding of dodgy emails to their 'phishing' department. They provide erroneous and sometimes outright stupid responses. In one case, when sent a false Paypal receipt email that appeared to show me paying someone a large sum of money (specifically, someone using an alternate of my email address which was not actually associated with a real Paypal account), they responded by telling me that "receipts for payments are normal". o.O

I pointed out that there was no payment and the account the receipt was for did not exist, only reaching me because it's an alternate for my proper email address.

They responded by acknowledging that the email must be false, and advising me not to send whatever I had sold to the other person.

This being the latest in a series of such ridiculous exchanges, I have since stopped forwarding suspicious emails to them lest it colours my otherwise positive opinion of them.

They have always provided exactly the service they advertise - secure on-line payments without fear of sharing information that can be readily exploited by the nefarious. I don't believe the stupidity of their 'phishing' response teams should reflect badly upon the substantial service that they provide.


They get it right, mostly.

They always deliver on time, provide a smartphone app that works after a fashion (and continues to improve) for convenient ordering, and provide plenty of deals. Food quality is good, and toppings are usually generous. Staff are efficient, and the delivery drivers are always polite. I have no reason to go anywhere else for my pizzas!

I do get a little annoyed when they ignore my repeated instruction not to spam me with email and SMS offers, but they've been quiet for a while, so I think they might finally have stopped. :)

Pest Control Ltd

Sells products for money.

They sell things. I bought things from them. I was satisfied. I have bought from them again since. There was no greater hassle. I was, again, satisfied. I would consider using them again to buy... things.

T Mobile

Cheaper than some, and never let me down.

I have been a customer with T-Mobile for several years, and they have provided me with a better service than I have ever had elsewhere. I have a Web'n'Walk contract as well as a phone, and both have served me very well. Mobile broadband bandwidth and service availability has always been good (even allowing me to upload photos from a boat on the Norfolk Broads when reception was questionable), and in London it is actually better than the service offered by most land-line connections. They have always dealt with issues quickly and painlessly, and even waived the replacement fee for my stolen Web'n'Walk SIM, which I received within 36hrs of calling them.

I have called with various queries and I have always been pleased with the result. I have made sure on several occasions to inform them of my satisfaction, and always receive a personal response thanking me for my positive input - I suspect that they would be just as quick to respond to (and deal with) a complaint, too.

I got a fantastic deal on an upgrade to an unbranded Samsung Galaxy S at the end of my last contract, receiving the phone for free, with no quibbles about deals being 'for new customers only', and with a (specifically un-branded GT-I9000 model) unit reserved for me with no fuss at all, despite heavy demand at the time.

I have no complaints about T-Mobile whatsoever, and would heartily recommend them to anyone who is disillusioned with their current service provider. They have served me very well indeed, and I hope that they continue to do so for many years to come.


Quick and flawless bargain.

Having had my old T-Mobile dongle stolen (or perhaps, just borrowed indefinitely by a client), I had managed to get T-Mobile to send me a new SIM chip, but was told I would need to visit a store to purchase another dongle; to save some bother, I bought a replacement through (actually a better model with a T-Mobile pre-pay SIM included). The price was right and my new dongle was delivered the very next morning. The dongle works perfectly with my Web'n'Walk SIM (as expected) and I have no complaints at all - in fact, I am very pleased, and was surprised by the speedy delivery. I would consider using them again.

I suspect the overwhelmingly negative reviews here result from the fact that those with no complaints are less likely to post a review in the first place - satisfaction tends to be less vociferous than dissatisfaction.

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I am an IT engineer (and official technology geek) working for a small technology company specialising in equipment and personnel hire to to financial, educational, events and presentations companies. I live and work in London.

I believe that it is as important to express satisfaction as it is to complain, and I make a point of doing so. In my line of work, you usually only know you've done a good job when nothing at all is said. :/