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They've lost a customer for life

UPDATE: 16TH JULY - I've officially had my claim for £50 rejected because I was told I booked it through a third party - Parcel2Go. Not true at all, they just looked at the incorrect tracking number that I was given by the driver. I booked directly through the Parcelforce website. All this was explained clearly when I first made the claim. Customer service does not get any worse than this.


I've always used Parcelforce for delivering large packages and have had no serious issues with them until the last month. I don't know if they've suddenly gotten worse or I've just had good luck until now. Judging from the reviews here I think the latter is true. I'll try to keep this brief since it's quite a long story. If you don't want to read the full review all you need to know is this: Parcelforce are fine if nothing goes wrong, however if it does they have the worst customer service imaginable.

OK I sold a guitar on eBay which was supposed to be delivered to Essex. I opted to have the driver attach the label as always and there's never been a problem doing it that. Unfortunately this time there was. He attached the wrong label to my package. I realised this about 30 mins after it had been collected because when I looked at the tracking number I noticed it started with EK, which I've never had on an inland item before. So I went online to look at the receipt I'd been sent after I booked the delivery and found at that I had in fact been given the wrong tracking number and therefore the wrong address label would also have been attached to my package.

At this point I wasn't overly concerned since I assumed that it would be able to taken care of fairly easily (wrong). I got the number for the Manchester depot and spoke to someone there who was extremely impatient and just wanted to get me off the phone as quick as possible. I tried to explain what had happened but before I could even tell him he was ringing the driver and telling me to hold the line. When he got back on he assured me that the driver had realised his error and my package would now be delivered to the correct address.

However the next day the person who'd bought the guitar informed me that Parcelforce had tried to deliver a small package to him that clearly wasn't the guitar. At this point I started to worry. I called the Manchester depot again and spoke to someone who told me that he going to deal with it and get back to me. This was in the morning around 10 AM. I called back at 2PM and couldn't get through to him so I rang the depot and the person there said he'd call me back. 4PM, still no call so I called them again. Told I'd be called back. Waited and finally got a call at around 6PM. Was told the driver had indeed put the wrong label on my package and it was headed to Turkey (Brilliant). However I was told that they would contact the international hub and make sure that it didn't leave the country.

Fast forward 24 hours - it's left the country. How a company the size on Parcelforce cannot keep a parcel that they know is about to be wrongly delivered to a foreign country inside the UK when they have 24 hours to accomplish it (the tracking information shows that) is beyond belieft. So I'm then told by the person at the Manchester depot the next day (after I contacted them again after being told they'd contact me), that the parcel had left the country. He assured me that he would have it sent straight back to the Manchester depot and contact me as soon as it got there.

The last contact I had with the Manchester depot was Thursday 27th June. It's now Friday the 5th July. I was told that the guitar would be back in Manchester early this week and I'd be contact as soon as it was. In that time I've lost the sale and had to refund the buyer and noticed that the guitar was actually attempted to be delivered in Turkey. Obviously the person I spoke to in Manchester did nothing to try and get it back here and has made no effort to contact me. Also Parcelforce made two attempts during this time to deliver wrong items to my buyer. It's a complete shambles

SUMMARY: If you read all that - well done :). I realise this story isn't necessarily interesting to anyone else but I do think it highlights just how terrible the customer service at Parcelforce is. No one there seems to be able to control what's happening at their own depot, nevermind any other part of the company.

Here's what most annoys me about the whole thing though: I realise that once the driver had stuck the wrong label on my parcel things could potentially get very tricky. However I realised very soon after it had been collected ( no longer than 60 mins at the very most) that an error had been made. If the person I'd spoken to initially at the Manchester depot had been patient and actually let me speak, I could have easily explained to him that the item was a guitar, in a guitar bag (i.e you couldn't mistake it) and have given him the full address. But instead he just wanted to hang up and has cost Parcelforce another 1 star review and lost them a customer forever. Well done :)

Note: I don't blame the driver at all for this. He's very friendly and we've had no problem with him for the years we've been using Parcelforce. What I have a problem with is the terrible customer service I've experienced from the people who work at the Manchester depot. They're clearly not interested in dealing with problems when something's gone wrong and promised to take care of this and keep me informed. They've done neither. Will never be using them again.

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