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Must be nice to not care.

We've been with TalkTalk for about a year now, and at the start it was okay. A little slow but it got the job done. However, a few months later we were disconnected - phone, internet, the lot. When the bill payer phoned up to ask what was going on, we were told he had requested to be disconnected. Er, no. Turns out it was someone with the same surname over in Manchester (we live in Newcastle), as was only determined when he demanded to know the details of who had asked for it. We just about let that go, because hey, accidents happen right? They sent us a new router and reconnected us within a couple of weeks.

And that's when the issues truly started. Disconnects became very frequent, around about 20 per day. These disconnects usually reconnected again within about half a minute (just about enough time to lose any information you entered on a page, or be outbid on an eBay listing), however some of them also stayed disconnected, with my laptop saying it was a "DNS Server Error" the majority of times when I diagnosed the problem. Turning the router off for 10 seconds sometimes fixed it, though more often than not it was only for a few seconds before the issue repeated itself.

Annoyed, Bill Payer phoned customer support, getting through to an unempathic Indian man who repeated again and again it was our issue, as there was nothing wrong on their end. Then he added that he could send an engineer out to check, which we thought was a step in the right direction - until, that is, he mentioned the call-out cost of £50. And then, if it was the router (which we'd actually tested with other TT routers to check and could definately say it wasn't) we could replace it for an additional fee.

Bill Payer lost his temper, bellowed that he would rather change company than pay them more to fix a problem which was theirs in the first place and hung up.

Pros: The phone line actually works pretty well, nice and clear.
Cons: The internet sucks, CS sucks, they can't admit their mistakes, and the fact that they're currently ranked 130/130 in mobile/internet says a LOT.

TLDR: TT is a company which, despite saying on their site "At TalkTalk, we take complaints very seriously, and we'll try to fix anything you're unhappy with as quickly and effectively as we can" actually DON'T CARE at all. CS want you out of their hair as quickly as possible and will fob you off ASAP, and they seem to think it's fine to give substandard internet despite numerous complaints.

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