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Excellent service

Quick delivery, quick turnaround on refunds, numerous discount codes provided - top notch all round!


Awesome all round - sad to see them go!

Never had a problem with Sainsburys Entertainment. Fast delivery, some of the best prices on the net and customer service is excellent.

Its a shame theyre stopping selling physical media and going on demand only as ill now have to shop elsewhere!


Will never ever touch again, especially with brand new items that always seem to be damaged!

Ive used this company around 5 times in the last 18 months and on two separate occasions have had items that were worth over £7 rejected due to "damaged artwork".

Now ive seen the quality of some of the items that appear in the shops that are sent to Music Magpie and find it insulting that both of these items that were brand new and in the original cellophane and opened and played once are deemed "damaged" and no explanation is provided. I am aware this is in their T&Cs but cant see how this is a positive business practice. A quick look on the companies Twitter page shows a number of people have experienced the same rejection of items that are still in the cellophane with one comment from Music Magpie stating the item was rejected because a sticker was removed?!! Stickers of course being well known to stop a DVD/Blu Ray/game working!

On the first occasion i failed to get any sort of response addressing my complaint in over a month at which point a customer services rep gave me the money for the item due to the poor customer service i had received NOT because of the item (which i never found out about). Responses via Twitter at that point generally werent polite and were quite brash. Emails werent responded to and eventually i had a live chat. As mentioned against my better judgement i used the company a couple more times and didnt have any problems despite all of the items being sent being in used but excellent condition. My ebay feedback is 450+ 100% positive and as a collector of various limited edition packaging etc and with a slight ocd nature my items are always spotless so this is why it really gets to me.

So once again i find an order of £30 being cut down to £23 and Music Magpie now have my game in hand that im sure will be sold on for double what i was supposed to be paid as there is NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. 200% profit, cant argue with that!

In summary i would only use this organisation if the items you are sending are less than £1 as ive sent DVDs that are a few years old with no problems but send anything new or valuable and youre basically giving your things away which is exactly what ill be doing in future

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08 January 2014

Reply from musicMagpie

Hi Lee - one of the items in your order was found to have damaged artwork. Unfortunately we do not pay out for items that reach us in this condition, although in this case (as we were unable to investigate further as the item in question had already been sent for recycling) we have offered you full payment for the item as a goodwill gesture. Kind regards, mM CS

Military 1st


Rapid delivery, quick returns process, pleasure to deal with :)


Always send returns recorded delivery or hand deliver!

I ordered a pair of £60+ sunglasses that arrived fine and in good time however they werent a good fit so i returned them (stupidly) by normal post. Time passed and i havent heard anything so i contact Blackleaf for an update and im told they havent arrived, fair enough we wait a bit longer and i ask if anything, no not yet and if you dont have a tracking number it isnt our responsibility so cheerio, erm could you please check your stock room, maybe ring your local sorting office on my behalf see if they have anything? Nope! Ok lets try something else, can you let me know if this happens regularly so i can inform the Royal Mail and provide as much info as possible? No reply for a week, so i send another email asking for some sort of customer service as im sure if the item they sent hadnt got to me theyd be bombarding me for info, 6 days later no response....another email sent complaining about the complete lack of assistance seeing as they have my £60 and i have no item and my response is a simple "we're sorry youre unhappy, we arent responsible, cya" Cya indeed i will never use this company again as theyre clearly happy to take the money and then offer zero assistance. The best bit of all this is that i claimed through the Royal Mail (for a maximum £20 return) and heard no response for over a month so i contacted Royal Mail who responded in 30 minutes stating they had written to Blackleaf regarding this item and they hadnt responded to them!! Hahahaha! Couldn't write it really


Terrible customer service - must come from up above

I WAS a collector of blu ray steelbooks until Zavvi came along and took over many exclusives. I received an item with scratches all over it (from the manufacturing stage) and wished to return it - lets try and find the returns option on Zavvis website....it goes round and round without actually giving you the information you need, so you select "other query" and request a returns authorisation number due to a damaged item, two days later after chasing via twitter (not the phone as theres no customer services number...) i receive no responses, when one finally comes in im asked to send pictures of the damage which is frankly astonishing. So where do i send these photos you ask? Who knows as Zavvi dont have a facility to upload pictures and dont provide an email address! So the question is asked and 2-3 days later a response is received, i send the photos and receive a bounceback that the email has been rejected from this address! Ive now had this item for nearly 2 weeks so sold it on ebay for cost and vowed to never use this joke of a company again. The customer services team dont appear to actually read what has been written and send generic responses that have been copied and pasted. I dont blame them as they clearly work with terrible management above them who must offer the worst training around! It all falls at the managements feet and the comparison between Amazon or Sainsburys customer service is worlds apart.

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