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Goodness Gracious...

Third review and the company has got no better! (See my previous review, where I was severely intimidated by the delivery driver, they tried giving my package to druggie neighbours despite a clear sign on our door not to, and not to leave packages outside!)

Was told I would remain anonymous with my last complaint. I get told in the email the man was told "the woman who complained about you leaving her package outside". He knows who I am, and where I live (He should have been told that "a customer is threatening to take action on you") - Also, whatever happened to three strikes and you're out?

Also, not only did we inform Yodel NOT to knock at our neighbours to leave any more packages, they assured me they would not. I was IN yesterday, and heard them knocking at the same neighbours door. The sign saying "Please do not leave packages with neighbours or outside" is very clear. (Plus their word should have been enough!)

I then requested my package would be re-delivered Monday or Tuesday so my Fiance would be here to answer the door and I would feel safe. However I go to my spyhole to see it's been left in the corridor again!

Awaiting Yodels email response to decide what further action needs to be taken. Luckily I have a close family member that works in law and can help me out with advice.

(I've seen that it's edited my review instead of posting another, I'll have to now type out my last experience underneath) -

I ordered a package from the company Ann Summers who delivered it through Yodel. There was a ring of the doorbell, I got up to answer, and I saw the back of someone's head running away, and I looked to see they had half covered the package with our doormat. I called after him "Excuse me!" but he continued walking. From behind, he was a young looking slim white man, brown hair I think. I called up the customer services number (Found out it cost me a bit, as we don't have a home phone only mobiles, and couldn't find an email alternative). I was told on the phone I needed to sign for this package, so it was bad enough that they just left it (We live in a rough block of flats, wouldn't trust the neighbours)

Yesterday, I come home to a red slip saying I missed my delivery. The slip didn't have any information, apart from "To 'Dami", the date, and a barely eligible "Signature needed". No time of delivery (It says on the slip you need to wait 24 hours to call to redeliver) or order number. I typed the code in to MyYodel and it continuously came up with an error message as though the code was wrong. Tried this numerous times last night and this morning and failed every time.

Today I get a knock at the door, and there is a tall young black man who stares at me, then actually drops the parcel at my feet (It was a heavy pouffe I had ordered!) and says rather seriously "We're not happy with you. You complained about me"

I had initially complained about the other man, and I presumed the company would know who was delivering that particular day. Also, I thought complaints were supposed to be anonymous, so I feel it's an invasion of my privacy and peaceful living.

I'm also terrified as he said he knocked at our neighbours to see if they would take the parcel, and we do not get on with them. As we live in a rough block of flats and most of the neighbours are druggies or dealers, who we try to avoid! We wouldn't have gotten the parcel back if the neighbours took it.

I was so scared of this man and didn't even care about my parcel any more, I just wanted to shut and lock the door.

Instead of an apology from him on behalf of the company he felt the need to intimidate me. It's not only ruined my day, I really feel affected. I now feel too scared to leave my flat even to pop to sainsbury's. My friends are saying I should be going to the police or take it further as it's apparently assault and intimidation.

All four times has been terrible (I had to order a replacement part for my pouffe as the lid was broken) - This was the time it was simply left outdoors. It states on the sellers page that Yodel would leave it at Royal mail's postage warehouse (Didn't make sense, but I believed it) - OR that you could arrange re-delivery. Can't do that if the reference doesn't work!

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03 July 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Daniella. Can you please email us as soon as you can at social.media@yodel.co.uk. We will take this very seriously and look into this straight away. Thanks, Michelle.


Incompetent driver in my area!

I have had two experiences with Yodel and I'm appalled.

The first time, the delivery driver rang the bell, threw the package half under our doormat, and ran. As I got to the door to see it, I shouted after him "Excuse me" and he continued running. I called the customer services to inform them who apologised and said they need to speak to this fool's manager, as I was supposed to have signed for this package!! We live in a rough area and wouldn't trust a package outside even for 10 minutes.

It seems the fool didn't get enough of a telling off, as he was back. This time leaving a red card through our door to say we'd missed it, but he'd rushed off again immediately. On the card, he had left all information blank and there was no way to arrange a redelivery so we had to pay to arrange one over the phone! (We do not have a home phone). I even typed the Reference number as it is printed on the actual card but the website had a repeat error message!


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