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very bad experience

I went to the London Bridge stop (on Tooley street) at around 11h30 (on the 20th of June) to show the QRcode to the employee who deliberately ignored me! When he saw I had a QRcode, he just turned his back on me and tried to attract another customer on the street.

He LITERALLY ignored me and TURNED his back on me. So I insisted, and he told me (without looking at me) to show it to the bus driver, which I did. The bus driver then told me to see with the "staff member on the pavement", which is common sense since no driver has a machine to read the QRcode...

Then I went back to see your employee and he said his machine does not work and just put my friends and I in the first bus he saw... without any ticket.

This situation was just intolerable for both customers and the company! This means that this employee could give a free ride to any customer. I guess these staff members get a commission for any ticket sold on the street... but is it a reason to treat this way customers who buy tickets online?! This is quite paradoxical for a company which encourage people to buy onine by offering a discount...

Again this situation was intolerable! I am sorry to say this especially as I use your service on a regular basis, that is to say every time I have guests coming to London. And this incident just dissuaded me from using your service again in the future.


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