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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - ACHICA TIME

I have spent an absolute fortune with Achica and in the main have been delighted with what I have purchased.

Our home is very important to us and from Achica I am able to buy quality items usually cheaper than elsewhere. I must admit I always "google" the item to see if I can buy it cheaper elsewhere and sometimes I can without having to wait. Once you have paid for something you want it - well I do anyway.

Lately I have had issues where I have paid for goods, waited a long time to get them and when they have arrived - they have been damaged in transit or are "used" and clearly second hand.

I paid almost £1000 for two chairs and when they arrived after the due date - the carrier was throwing them around in the back of his van so badly that my son in law had to stop him.

I think P&P is on the heavy side for smaller items.

I think Achica needs to look for another carrier as there are better companies out there to deliver their quality items.

One thing Achica has got right is its Customer Service - they are excellent, queries are dealt with speedily and without any fuss. First class!

6.30am Monday thro to Sunday and I am sat at my computer waiting and will continue to do so!

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