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Manager wouldn't let me speak and called me abusive!

I have a camera which is under the 'Whatever Happens' warranty (which I pay extra for). It developed a fault with the lens not closing in April. Curry's PC World have sent it twice to Canon, rather than repair it under their own warranty. Now, finally, 3 months after I first took the camera in, they tell me that it needs to be repaired under Whatever Happens rather than by Canon. Furious that this has SO FAR taken them 3 months, during which time I have been without my camera (which is STILL broken) I spoke to the manager - Tony - in store this morning at Colliers Wood who gave me without a doubt the worst customer service I have ever had. He told me the delay was my fault because I didn't pick up the phone when they tried to call me one time (blocked number so I couldn't know who it was - and they didn't try again). He then was exceptionally rude and dismissive and told me I was being abusive. I hadn't raised my voice, been threatening or used poor language. I couldn't believe it. I then rang an 0844 number (at my own cost) to complain to the Customer Services, it took 40 minutes on the phone, and all that happened was that I got a phone call back saying that the manager would be internally reviewed. Terrible.

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