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This site is amazing the quality of the shoes and attention to detail is just brilliant.
SO many styles updated daily, with preview of the next days items on facebook. Even some very popular items also become restock its just sooo fab ^_^! Every shoe i've bought is lovely and very hard wearing, so unlike other cheap shoes e5p is different because you get quality items for a cheap price. Some of the style do look garish but that's open to debate and varies from person to person according to their unique tastes, plus they've toned that done a bit now and most products are tasteful. The delivery is fab but pricey, every shoe has its own box delivered promptly touch wood so far from my 20+ orders all have been correct and above satisfactory.

I'm really tired of hearing some people complain about this site, you only pay £5. Its not fair that people are complaining about the size ranges, especially since they have started to include plus size ranges. So i don't understand their complaints, if your that much bigger there are other clothes retailers. There are so may health issues in this country costing the NHS etc due to being overweight hypertension, stokes, diabetes etc. Clothing retailers really should not be encouraging people to stay such a big weight as it is unhealthy anyway.

The only thing i can have a small quibble about is the websites design, search function and execution of filtering through products could be simpler. The website does not adjust to some of my electronic devices e.g. on mobile its fine, on netbook can't see some picture on computer and laptop fine that's a bit annoying. What would be perfect would be to have a little counter next to each item, counting down the number of items left in stock. Additionally a search function to search for items in-stock by your shoe size it can be very laborious and disappointing searching through each and every item you like and finding out not in the colour you like or your specific shoe size (just a pain). I don't like the hall of fame what's the point of showing me something i would have wanted that i can't purchase now because its out of stock, its just torture. They have started to update and make changes e.g. wishlist i love that but more can be done.

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