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DO NOT USE THIS SITE I sent in a 4 month old iPhone 5 which was in perfect condition one or two little marks on the side which where not noticeable and I have photo proof before I sent the phone to them they quoted me £290 and after reading alot of bad reviews on the site like a idiot I still used them they ripped me off by £100 and there was no option the decline the payment I would tell anyone not to use this site it is just a scam! And I will be taking this a lot further to a small claims court or watch dog the company is a scam

09 July 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Nadina, when you placed your order our testing criteria was clearly available to you in plain English, unfortunately we cannot be held responsible if you did not read it or failed to understand it.

You have mentioned that we downgraded you handset for scratches, yes this is correct HOWEVER you were offered a revised price as we found 3 issues with you handset not just the scratches.

An email was sent to you on the 3rd July 2013 at 3.21PM which explained the reasons for the reduced price and gave you ALL the reasons.

Now the most concerning part is the fact where you stated no option was give for you to decline the price which is UNTRUE and a complete fabrication of the facts.

The system shows there was an action on your behalf (we have logged your IP address) on the 3rd July 2013 4.15pm, where you accepted the price. Right next to this option which you accepted is the option to reject the price and have your handset returned to you.

You clearly accepted the price why you did not reject the price only you know the answer. If you are able to accept a price you are able to reject a price

On a Positive Note I can see that you handset came in on the 3rd July, you accepted the price in the 3rd of July, we sent the payment on the 3rd of July and by 5pm on the 3rd of July the money was cleared in your account ready for you to spend.

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