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Don't like being called a lier and having to pay for it cant even use my camera as i have no battery

Really need to get this off my chest i am so angry with the way i have been treated today in Jessops Torquay i took a my camere in to be repaired in January . I was aked to leave a deposit of £25.00 and if i wanted the repair doing this would come off my bill if not it would loose the £25.00. No problem ther so i payed the Dave the £25.00 and he asked me to sign a receipt to say ive payed the £25.00 and have gone to pick up my camera today in Febuary i spoke to the store manager Keith he went and got my camera and unwaped it all was looking good then he turned my camera over opend my battery department and said oh no battery.i said there was one in there when i left it he said there was not as it was not listed in my receipt.he said you signed for it with no battery i said i thought i signed for the deposit only. i was not told i was signing for my camera strap n covers or i would have picked up on it straight away. keith told me that everyone says there battery has gone missing that why we sign for it so he put a new one in my camera took some photos he said nice with a smile i am still mad i have no battery he said right lets settle this bill and we can sort the battery out. Ok i said. so i paid in full then he said i can have a battery for £20.00. No way i thought i want my battery back i left in it not to mention the battery he was trying to sell me was not a genuine Nikon and i had a genuine Nikon battery in it when they took it from me for the service. i said i did not have the money for this battery and then i said to keith if you send all cameras away with no battery in it then why did he flip it over open the battery cover and go oh no battery very odd i think. i don't like being called a lier what ever happend to the customer is always right. Not in this store i tell you. so i told them i wont be shopping in jessops ever again and left. All the money they will lose from me because of a battery i will go to Mifsuds in Brixham from now on. Sure it way out my way but i only want good service. i have phoned Jessops and put a complaint in, lets see if they call me back on Monday i am also writing to jessops head office too. i will get my battery back as i wont stop ringing writing to them until i do. I will update this so you will all no how this is resolved.

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