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Modus Operandi

First of all I have to admit that I was blinded by the nice look & feel of their store - instead of doing a proper research. (damn me) I assume like, most of the other customers, I'd have loved to see the reviews on Trustpilot before I place my order.
If I go through the complains I think I can identify a clear "modus operandi" of Infurn.

(1) Cash in immediately after the order is placed. Fair enough.
(2) Provide a delivery date in 14-18 weeks
(3) Do not respond to customer requests the first couple of times.
(4) If the customer keeps bothering, call him but never commit to anything in a written manner.
(5) Don't proactively communicate (or update the my account section) to your customer about any delays in delivery - wait until he asks or complains.
(6) Keep postponing the delivery date due to quality problems. (Shouldn't they change the partner if this keeps constantly happening - no way)
(7) Promise a payback within the next 30 working (not calendar!) days.
(8) ..but don't transfer any money as long as the customer doesn't complain on trust pilot or files a lawsuit

Personally I'm stuck in Phase (4) and (7). I have to state that I am really sorry for the customer care representatives at Infurn. Must be a hell of a job.

I'm curious to see what will happen next...

Update: just saw now in myAccount section of Infurn that one item has been handed over to DHL. This is what I call progress :)

Update 2: Well, were to start. After I posted my review I was contacted immediately and the open amount has been refunded the SAME DAY! Within 2 days I got my BigBoy delivered - which is awesome btw. Looking forward to get my last item delivered in September. In a nutshell - they turned my around from an unsatisfied consumer to a happy one. Well done! (p.s. if I get my last item delivered in time, I will even consider to add another star)

Update 3: ups they did it again. The changed the delivery date 1 week before due day for 2 month!!! Naturally without proactively notifying me. Disappointing. They had the chance to get 5 stars from as promised but as it seems they do not need positive reviews.

Update 4: well they did a real good job to pi** me off. They keep constantly postponing the delivery without notifying. My initial feeling was right - it would have been so easy to turn me into a satisfied customer. Missed your chance I would say. Stay away from this store!, Nathalie T Ljunggren, Jo Sannemand Jarl Isacson found this review useful

24 July 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your comments.

We are sorry you are not happy but would like to respond as follows:

With regard to your own order, you placed the order 7th May and emailed 10th June to cancel certain items and add another, although the last 2 emails from you were not responded to quickly, the first 2 were responded to within 24 hours.

There was no deliberate attempt to avoid your later enquiries but most likely a backlog accumulated over the holiday period which delayed response.

This is why sometimes the Customer service team call to resolve an issue quicker by phone than by email. However, we agree that certain matters do need to be put in writing.

However, to address your last order queries:-

The Bigboy has now been sent and should arrive with you within the next 2 weeks.
As to the reason why it was not sent earlier, we are investigating and will come back and let you know. This is unusual, as Beanbag deliveries are usually on time and within 2/3 weeks.

With regard to The Charles Eames Charles Eames Aluminium Group EA 119, there is no quality control problem for this item.

This was only added to the order on 10th June at your request, and therefore the September planned delivery date is still within the standard delivery time frame for this, and as such is not late. The planned delivery status is shown when you log into your Customer account and we do ask Customers to please regularly check these for up-dates and to track their orders.

With regard to refunds, our Terms and conditions clearly show 30 working days. That said, please accept our apologies for the delay with your refund, which was 3 working days overdue. We can confirm that this has now been processed and have sent you written notification of this.

Kind regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.


Tip Top!

Extreme responsive - very good quality. An online commerce experience like it should be!
I can only highly recommend this store.

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