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Terrible - wont be using the again

I was very inpressed with the prices of a regular item that I buy. On ethe 23rd june I ordered the product it is now the 5th of july and the product still has not been delivered.

I called the call centre this morning to be told that the product I had ordered was coming from an overseas source and wouldnt be in the country until sometime next week. i remined the operator that when the product was ordered it was in stock and I would have expected a product in stock wold be able to transported from Birmingham to Yorkshire within 24-48 hours.

I work in the express courier market and I can ship products half way around the world within 24 hours so to be waiting for a product which was showing in stock to be transported less than a hundred miles is a complete joke.

This company claims to be one of the fastest growing of its type, if it keeps this level of service up then it wont be around for much longer because their customers will not tolerlate it and go elsewhere

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