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jAlbum is an absolutely brilliant concept, that can however hide iteslf behind some complcated schematics (especially if the customer is a bit dense).

I fell in love with jAlbum the moment I saw it in use, and wanted to use it for both private (i.e. personal), and business use.
But is has two dimensions, free or paid for software, and low cost and higher cost online storage.
Two x two equals four possible combinations.
Or does it?
So what did I need.
2 software, two storage, 1 software 2 storage etc.
Can the software all be on my one computer or would I need to put one on each (personal version software and pro software)?
I did not seem to be able tomake myself understood, which I now do understand.
They fully understand their package, but I did not.
So my questions seemed stupid to their 'position of knowledge'.
In the end, several weeks after dying to buy it, my business purchased the pro software and pro storage, and once we were on the inside we still could not see how flexible it is - until we, again, asked yet more dumb questions.
Looking back I think the whold thing could be more simply put.
Behind the scenes there is one software package and storage of varying sizes depending upon your needs and purse.
I think that could be put more simply than it is.
But they tried hard and the product is one of those magic ones that just falls into your top five - that you use every day - knowing it is solid and superb.
Now I have managed to get both personal and company versions - clients love it and are gob-smacked at OUR presentation SKILLS!
Family and friends croon at the endless memories I am able to serve up using my or their photo archives - spending just a few moments a day to send them back in time to happy memories.

09 July 2013

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That's great to hear Simon! Thanks for sharing.

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