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Fitter was exceptionally friendly , curteous. and very helpful

After it was found the tyre could not be fitted to rim Jason (the fitter) phoned the office and explained the situation. I expected a phone call with an alternative fitting date.This did not happen and i had to phone Grippy to find out what was happening and told i could have nitrogen filled tyres as compensation for delay. When Jason came back he had not been informed about Nitrogen . This i could not understand as it was a suggestion from the cmpy and can only assume that it was said to placate me. The fitter fortunately took my word and filled the tyres and i am now mobile again. If it was not for the fitter i do not think i would be a returning customer as it is i am more now than happy with the service and will return next time i require tyres.

08 July 2013

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Mr Innes,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us with a review. We sincerely apologise for the confusion, it was a miscommunication on our part! We are glad you're happy with the service you received from our fitter and we look forward to being of assistance in the future!

Kind Regards,

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