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Consistently incompetent

No task with Santander is ever simple.

A lot of the reviews on here are about big issues people have had with the bank, like mortgages and loans etc. But even the smallest issues just take excessively long to resolve. It is now the weekend but on Monday I will be going in for the 3 time to change my OTP number, despite having already had it confirmed the last time I went to the branch that this has been changed, it hasn't. In the past they've also blocked me account for no reason, the last time, it again took three visits to the branch to resolve.

I should also add whilst I'm here that their international service is appalling, there is no way of registering that you will be using your card overseas for periods longer than 3 months, nor does online banking allow one to make international transfers, which other banks do.

I only stay because my student loan is set up with them, and changing that has proved to be a nightmare, as soon as that is over however, I will be leaving immediately.

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