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Lauren W ... lifesaver

Lauren was extremely helpful in changing a courier for me... From collect by city link to drop off with ups... All done via web chat whilst I was stuck on mexico . Amazing service

Groupon UK

Cowboys who have no conception of customer service

I have ordered many things from Groupon but they say the only test of a company is when something goes wrong...

I ordered a RC car and awaited its delivery.

Nothing came.

When I chased Groupon I was told the item had been signed for.

Supposedly a neighbour received the parcel but when I've spoken to them no one knows anything about it.... the Royal mail signature is indecipherable and doesn't even state which neighbour took it.

I asked for another item and was told no essentially, not their problem

Amazon don't treat their customers like this - I guess that is why Groupon is destined to fail rather than prosper. CUSTOMER matters.

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07 May 2013

Reply from Groupon UK

Hi Rob, your experience really matters to us. We're sorry to hear that your item was not delivered to a designated neighbour. Please email us at with the subject line “Trustpilot” with details of your purchase and delivery notes and we’ll be happy to investigate this further.

Excellent value and service - especially from a 'dot-com'

An engagement ring is a purchase with a large degree of anxiety attached to it - especially if you can't see it in front of you...! Clive was excellent to speak to and the service offered by Diamondgeezer was brilliant. The ring is lovely - I'm just hoping she says yes...! Clearly until she does, I can't comment on the resizing / returns policy (!) but I felt Clive was a straight up guy and would recommend the company to anyone.


Cowboy company with shocking customer service - DON'T MOVE

We moved to First Utility on the promise of 'Smart Metering' and cheaper bills.

We were with them for just over a year and the experience was a NIGHTMARE!

Firstly, it took ages to get an engineer out to my property to fit a Smart Meter.

When they did arrive we were told we couldn't have one due to mobile phone signal issues.

A month or two later, our bills rocketed from £20ish a month to £100, £150, £180 a month! For a 2 bed flat this was most unusual.

We complained, and we told our bills were correct as they were submitted by our Smart meter. I politely informed the customer services team we didn't have one.

Their response? "Yes you do"

"No I don't"

"Yes you do"

Repeat 10 times - then they hung up.

Eventually I got them to send an engineer out.

He rang the office and confirmed I didn't have a meter. He said it in a jokey, irritating way too

"Alright love....? Yeah, I'm with the customer. Nah, he doesn't have a meter installed. Yeah, weird eh? You out tonight?"

Long story cut short - they kept billing

I racked up huge phone bills.

Their staff turnover was so high I could never speak to the same person.

The Ombudsman took my complaint, ruled in my favour and they didn't comply with the requirements on time, and even then it was half arsed.

Allegedly I now owe them £180 after 11 months of my account being in dispute - I refused to pay this for now - I will make them wait too.

Hopefully they will go bust before they get the act together and threaten legal action - I have the money, but principle dictates that they can bloody wait.

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