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UPDATED:Scared for my investment and no responses, order is [Sensitive information removed]

Hello everybody, just a update so you all are aware of whats going on to further help you.
I have booked 2 calls and never got an answer and not to the emails either. AFTER, and only AFTER my review here, Valerie called me directly, but once, I was unable to answer. SHe sent me a email saying that I have never booked any calls, my trustpilot review was unfair :), and that my bank instrctions to file a police report were not grounded ;), I had to laugh, because after I cancelled my order, THEY DISAPPEARED!!!!!
NO more phone calls
No more emails, no matter how many I send them
No sign of money

So, the police report has now been filed, BUT this is for my situation, so I can receive my money back somehow. This review is to alert other possible buyers to stay away! This review is NOT unfair, but the hole business infurn promises is :( I as a customer who have payed for a product are the victim and in my entire right to review this bad company to help others.

Hello Valerie,

I saw that my review and hopeful attempt tp get some contact from you was removed because of lack of prof of purchase. Order number is [Sensitive information removed], there is the prof of purchase.

I have the order number and statement on my card, so not sure about the lack mentioned :)
Here is my review:
Purchased the amount of 5.200 swedish crowns Skr, and saw the comments, the delivery responce and the fact that I booked 2 phone calls already and of course nobody called...
Have now asked over 2 emails for refund and cancellation and yet nothing...

Now the following is being done and I advise others to do the same since the Swedish National Consumer Organisation and bank have said to me:

Contact seller and keep prof-DONE
Contact bank and report fraud - DONE
Contact police in Sweden DONE!!!!!!

Unfortunately for Infurn and great for me I have a great legal group behind me which have contacted the bank already.

Since my husband is connected to lawyers in Sweden we will be going the hole way legally in Europe to prevent this company to continue to scam honest people around....

Lets see if Infurn contact me with any excuses or hopefully some good news...

I do make a side note here, scam is regarding the fact that honest people are still waiting for refunds and some sort of communication... Until I get a refund and actual costumer satisfaction my review is entitled to be a bad one, I am scared and cannot afford to lose this money, so action will be taken in case.

Regards, Nathalie

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08 July 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Hello Nathalie,

Thank you for your comments.

We did request temporary removal of your review due to missing Order ID and your also mentioning other website, both contravene Trustpilot guidelines.

However, we have meanwhile traced your order today and upon checking were surprised that you are mentioning legal steps, especially as your order was only placed 29th June and the only communication received from yourself was one email dated last Friday 6th July requesting an early cancellation.

It may be that you emailed via your customer account using the claim tool, this is only for damaged goods and the like, and any general query would have been rejected by the system and therefore not read by the Customer service department.

The callback system has also been checked and no record of callback requests have been found from yourself in your name.

With regard to your order cancellation, the email will be responded to today and in accordance with the Terms and conditions governing early cancellation, we will confirm this along with a full refund within 30 working days.

We feel your review is unfair and unjust, as you yourself have not
been wrongly treated by ourselves. I have tried to call you myself today twice and the line was busy.

Your incitement to other Trustpilot readers is also uncalled for. The reviews on Trustpilot should only relate your own experience, and not what you 'think' is happening to others.

We are sorry you feel you did not receive a quick enough response, but we have not refused you any refund, and to expect communication within a reasonable time is expected.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

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