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was ok

IK wasn't a customer for long but that is because i thought it was restrictive. the brits don't get the same chaices as the americans which is a shame it would be alot better with a library like in America why is it that everyone see that the British should have to pay for half a service.


Good company But.

I have been a virgin customer for a year and i have to be honest i will probably not be renewing. The television packges are affordable but there are only so many times you want to see the same channel even if it is in normal or plus 1 or hd or any other variant the can use the plump up what they are offering. So the tele is definitely going. I do have a phone line but i have never even plugged a phone into it so i cannot make any remarks on that. i also have the Broadband which i find fails and drops on a regular basis usually around the time i start getting letters about upgrading to a faster speed for a better service. i do get the feeling that i am being held to ransom by Branson to constantly upgrade. their customer service and aftercare is excellent i had a problem on istalation with a lazy and poor fitter who left the place in a mess and left without cleanup but a quick phone call and they were straight out cleaned the caroet and tried to fit the junction box better which is once again hanging off the wall. i have found though of late the attitude is slipping a bit and the customer service provider is not so keen to help i hope this was just a bad liason and not the start of a decline in service.
Although this does look like a bad review it isn't it's just not a good one i dont think they are value for money nor do i think they are competetive which is a shame.


if i had an alternative option i would go somewhere else.

I have been a not so valued customer of Three for nearly 20 years the only reason i stay with them is because of the bundles they supply lots of minutes lots of texts and lots of data at a low price. This i find you dont get anywhere else at such an affordable price and believe me i have looked. If you can tolerate the god awful customer service and the regular low signal due to the constant supposed upgrading being done to the network then yeah Three is for you. There is no point in complaining to them if you have a problem because like most call centres they are based somewhere that isn't England (one guess) there script is limited and they do not deviate from it and more often than not it is the customers fault so they will say.
I have tried getting in touch with their head office in England but to no avail they never respond to a request.
So we have appalling customer service atrocious after care and a not so good network oh and try cancelling that is hilarious i don't think they have ever heard of contractual law, but the packages they offer are substancial and very competative.
but i am afraid to say that every year that goes by i do find myself looking for a new provider offering a simular deal which i am sorry to say just isn't happening so i an now looking at paying a little more for probably quite a bit less in the hope i can get a better service.


great service

I recieved my letter of invitation to get K&co account so i applied was successful. I wan't dissappointed, the service has been excellent and the online catalogue easy to use . spreading the cost is an easy way to shop even if you are paying a bit more but at least you are not getting hammered by massive credit card intrest. the products i have bought have always been well packaged and of great quality and have always been at my house within 24 hours of dispatch. be sure though when opeming an account that you can make the payments as some months you will have 2 payments go out as a direct debit. This is because the payments go out 4 weekly it would be better if they did it monthly but a little bit of budgeting and this is something you can live with.
In summary i would recommend an account with K&co without a doubt especially if you need to spread the cost they have allsorts of payment plans to suit .
I am very happy with them and enjoy shopping with them.


I love the easy option

I have never been great at saving up for things so the ease of being able to buy what i want on an easy weekly payment plan is just brilliant . I couldn't be without my online account .
I give five stars purely for the fact that i have recomended and will continue to recomend Littlewoods online

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