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Worst i have ever come accross

We originally had landline and broadband, and a separate talktalk mobile. (all set up with online billing direct to email)

Cancelled Landline and broadband in 06/2012, following which I returned the router which they requested. At this point I informed them that I would like to keep my landline number and they said no problem.

Joined Virgin media in 07/2012 and they said our number had all ready been recycled by talktalk.

December 11/12 Cancelled talktalk mobile we had, settled the account and obtained the PUK number to transfer the number to another network

03/2012 - letter recieved from debt collection agents advising that we have an outstanding balance for the landline and broadband for £260. Despite the router being returned and number recycled by talktalk. We spent 4 hours on the phone and eventually they arranged to cancel the bill. They stated that the phone had disconnected when we tried to cancel in 06/2012!! Although credit rating will probably still be affected by being sent out to a debt collection agency. At this time we observed that the mobile phone had an outstanding balance of £35 so we spoke to the cancellation department at this time and they cleared it and wiped the balance.

07/2013 - another letter from debt collection agency advising of a debt for £69 to talktalk mobile for the cancelled phone in December. I cannot believe the incompetency of these people. We have never missed a payment on anything in our lives and our credit rating has been affected by these idiots. Talktalk could have emailed us due to the account still being open, or tried to call the mobile number they were charging us for and spoke to us to find out why we weren't paying the bills, But instead they chose to ignore this. when called to complain they stated they had no record of us calling in 03/2013 and eventually admitted that we had but there was a note on the account saying the line had been cut off so they never terminated the account.

I cannot stress highly enough how terrible talktalk are. You cannot speak to a native English call handler. They are rude and incompetent to the point of disbelief. If you are considering them PLEASE THINK AGAIN!!!

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