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Why do they hide the complaints in the Licensed Customer Feedback Forum?

As far as the software goes, go ahead and try it out yourself at vBulletin.COM. You will see how slow, buggy and SEO unfriendly this software is.

If this software is so great then how come NONE of the other Internet Bands owned forum have upgraded to vBulletin 5?

If you are searching for opinions of vBulletin 5 on vBulletins site, you won't find any if you don't already have a vBulletin license, as anyone who gives their opinion about the state of vBulletin and their software has their post moved to the hidden Licensed Customer Feedback Forum.

Why are they hiding the feedback?

If you look at the posts below the 5 star posts are written by vBulletin employees... yet if you went to any of these employees own personal forums, I doubt you would find a single one actually using vBulletin 5. Why is that? Yet they come here and say all these glowing things about it?

If you take a look and see the games these clown are playing and they way they are treating their customers, you would never want to give them your money.

If you are looking for forum software, I would take a good hard look at Xenforo or IP Board. Again I wouldn't waste my money of vBulletin, which is sad as a few years ago, I would have told you not to think twice about getting vBulletin.

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