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Wow arrived in Croatia today toa great surprise

Having received booking confirmation from LATE ROOMS.COM we arrived in Split Croatia. With the sun beating down upon us we were ready to enjoy a few fun days before attending the music festival at the weekend.
But hold on the wankers at LATE ROOMS had taken a booking for a Guest house that it seems refuses to to have any dealings with them. So because we put our faith in these wankers and their supposed great deal our accommodation has doubled in price eating into our budget, so folks before trusting and booking with these people we advise you to check with the hotels etc direct to ensure the pricks at LATE ROOMS have the right to let you get exited about their great deals.

PS. I have the confirmation sent by LATE ROOMS if anyone wants to see it.
Remember check before check before you allow these PRICKS to get your hopes up.

Disgustedly Yours
Aidan Dalton

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