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Constant Disconnects, Rubbish Customer Service, what else do you want? <|3

I'm actually a Tiscali Customer which was then bought by TT (unfortunately) Before the take over, everything went smooth and nice. Since TT has taken over, I experience constant Disconnects. Now by that I don't mean like every 10-15 minutes. More like every 5 secs, literally! As soon as I have restarted the router, I have a disconnect the next 5 sec.

I've replaced all my hardware, such as filter, cable and router, nothing helped. TT watned to send me an engineer who probably just come and touch few things before charging me 50 Quid, so I rejected that offer.

Also the package I'm on right now is the essential pack, so normal broadband with evening + WE calls.

Apart from the fact that I have to call up Customer Service like every 2-3 days, the funny thing is they don't really address the problem but merely advertise how awesome fibre optic is and try to convince to step up at all cost. They never went straight to the point on the phone, e.g. if my call lasted 30 minutes, 20 minutes would be them telling me how I would benefit from fibre and those disconnects won't happen.


My brother has to go to bed early in the morning coz he needs to get up at half 6 in the morning for school and comes home at 6 in the afternoon. He barely got time to do his homework and at this age in time, almost everything is done online. Now you can imagine how furious everyone in the household was and you can't just go to the school and tell the teachers that your internet isn't working if my brother couldn't do his homework.

Next issue: The phone is so noisy in the background, we can barely make calls. No one can understand us and vice versa. Also, in addition to the frequent horrible disconnects, someone uses the phone/calls us, the internet would get disconnected. So that's a double kick in the face..

It's a disgrace really, luckily since I was a tiscali customer we're only on a rolling contract and will be soon switching to another provider (most probably VM)

It's amazing that I've actually managed to put up with this disgusting service for freaking THREE WHOLE YEARS. I obviously can't express my anger towards this company and how badly they have affected me by cutting off my internet, but let me tell you something, I can't wait til I get a new provider. It will be a release like never before.

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