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Selling second hand products at full price with no warning is disgraceful.

I received my order but had a problem with the reel as soon as I spun the handle! The rotor started locking up and then freed its self. There is now a rattle inside and upon closer inspection I found a screw under the rear cover that has been rounded off and some of the writing on the side of the spool has been rubbed off which makes this is either a reconditioned reel or a returned item which hasn't been properly checked over which has just been reshipped out!! i removed the rotor assembly instead of sending it back and found a screw loose inside i don't know where this goes or came from as it doesn't fit anywhere; this is what was causing the lock up and the rattle! However, i sheared the pinion gear shaft threads which has made the reel into spare parts when I gained access to the rotor assembly, DOH! However, I am very disappointed that waveinn had the audacity to send out a second hand product as the problem I have should never have happened in the first place. I am more peeved with myself for trying to fix the problem instead of sending it back!! I won't be using waveinn.com or one of the other companies associated with waveinn and won't be recommending them to anybody!! On a plus note, the service was quick coming from Spain to the Isle of Man.

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