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£115 for 5mins driving, rude staff, rip-off

We booked ChilliSauce based on their glossy website. Firstly, the activities (quad biking, hovercraft and rage karts) were a total rip off - less than 5mins driving for £115 !! It was a joke and people were really disappointed, many having travelled from abroad. Their representative Jamie was extremely rude and did not want to know as soon as we'd paid the deposits. Between the group of us we must have tried to phone him over 80 times and he's never available and never returns calls. He was rude to the Stag's aunt who phoned from abroad trying to pay for her husband and hung up the phone on her. When we tried to add extra people a few days before the event he said "this event has been too much hassle, I'm not letting anyone extra come". He made mistakes on the names and said it was too confusing that they shared the same surnames (cousins/brothers) and he couldn't figure out who had/hadn't paid. On the day we had to take bank statements to prove that we'd paid since Jamie would not recognise that people had paid and their names should have been on the list.

We tried to complain afterwards but Chilli Sauce have no complaints process and we suffered verbal abuse from Jamie accusing us of being disorganised (!?).

In addition he organised a Hen Night for my wife who was lead bridesmaid for her friend. This was a shambles too with them repeatedly trying to call him and confusion when they arrived at their hotel. Again their activities were a rip off, only a few minutes on each thing despite paying alot.

Avoid Chilli Sauce. In particular avoid Jamie - its a disgrace.

12 July 2013

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I have to say we’re surprised to hear your comments below Paul, and feel it’s important to point out the inaccuracies of your review.
Firstly your package booked with Chillisauce was £89 per person, and not £115 you have stated, further more you also got one place free.
The reason why there was confusion of numbers on the day was that you paid for 22 people (you can see this for yourself on your webpage) but you actually turned up with 23 people.
The 23rd person actually took part in the activities free of charge, putting more pressure on the activity centre staff.

As your group went above the maximum recommended group size for the activities, you had reduced drive time and increased waiting time. This was communicated to you by Jamie at Chillisauce; and the activity centre prior to the event, hence why we are bemused as to why this was a surprise to you on the day and is now the basis of your complaint.

Despite this, the activity centre which is one of our highest rated suppliers and a Chillisauce favourite went above and beyond what was required of them, providing free food and drinks and accommodating your group in every way possible.
With regards to the service you received, we’re always disappointed to hear a customer feels let down or “ignored”. Upon investigation, we’ve noticed your group missed both payment deadlines (deposits and final balance). Despite setting up the online payment system, Jamie went out of his way to take numerous payments over the phone and made many amendments to the booking at no charge to you.
We surprised to read you feel we have no complaints procedure as it is stated very clearly on our website that we do. Jamie has actually tried to contact you and has had no response. Jamie has also contacted members of your group to explain and go over your grievances with them.

We do apologise however, that Jamie was not always available for you and your group, each event manager here deals with a large number of customers, to ensure the customer is getting the best possible service we do state that all dealings are with the group leader. I’m sure anyone can sympathise that receiving ’80 calls’ from just one of these customers would be a lot for one person to manage.

With regards to your wife’s event with us, the activities booked were Chocolate Making and a Cocktail Masterclass so I find it hard to believe that they only received ‘a few minutes on each’ as I would agree a 3 minute Cocktail Masterclass is less than ideal, however the group seemed to enjoy it as all that left feedback rated the activities as 5 stars, our maximum score.

I hope this answers your grievances and highlights the difficulties we’ve encountered. We at Chillisauce are extremely troubled by this review and would love to discuss further if you’d contact us directly.

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