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Generally impressed

I have been a customer for quite a few years now and for the most part have had a positive experience. I find their prices to be very competitive and the delivery for me has always been within the times quoted and conditions of orders good.

I have been very impressed with their customer service and although I experienced a few glitches with their website recently which meant I couldn't complete my order online and received several duplicate order confirmation emails over the following weeks they have been quick to assist me when I have called them. Their staff are friendly and willing to go that little bit extra to help. I would and continue to recommend Brastop to friends and family and now to you.

My only note to Brastop would be to try to fix the issue with online orders as I still seem to get repeat emails and my previous orders appear to be repeating without me requesting them to when I make a new order (just to clarify I am not being charged it just is confusing). I am sure this glitch can easily be fixed though. Otherwise great job!


Incompetent - Don't touch them with a barge pole!!!

I ordered a T-Shirt for a birthday present. It came late and they used the wrong fabric for the design ( I had selected cream denim they used gold glitter) also the T-shirt should have been dark green and came out a light green colour. As this was my first time trying this and customer service response initially seemed good and I had left nearly a month to get the present I ordered a new T-Shirt trusting that this time they would prioritise getting the order right and sent the other T-shirt back for a refund last Saturday.

Currently my new order which said it would be dispatched next day before I ordered it is saying it won't be dispatched until 22 July ( I ordered it on the 4 July 2013) and when I contacted customer services, who had confirmed that they had checked my order after making it and it was all fine on the day I placed the second order, they couldn't find my order at all and asked me to provide them with the order reference again.

I within an hour copied the whole thing and sent it to them, have tried calling them (just cut's off or says leave a message) and sent numerous emails. I had thought with all the previous problems they would have made sure that I got good service this time round. Now I am wondering if the whole thing is a scam and hoping that they will at least have the decency to respond so I know whether I need to run around looking for a new replacement present at the last minute (not to mention having to do this while currently doubly out of pocket with nothing to show for it). Possibly the problem is that I am just one small order of many but surely they can do better than this?????

In any case I think I will skip the stress in future and shop else where. Here's hoping they actually give me the refund on the first shirt and by some miracle they get their act together and send me the new one as I ordered it by next week!!!

EDIT 1: Still no refund but I have been advised that funds should be received back on my card shortly, I will let you know.

Apparently my second ordered T-Shirt will be dispatched today and they have upgraded me to special delivery so it should arrive on Tuesday. Obviously will wait to see what transpires and update accordingly.

EDIT 2: I have dropped the rating now as although the T-Shirt came this morning (wednesday a day later than promised) they messed up the order again this time it was worse as the message is completely wrong and must have been mixed up with another order (I wonder if some poor person has ended up with my message) and again they have have used gold glitter instead of cream denim although apparently this time their customer service person had personally double checked the order to make sure it was right. I give up can't see any refunds on my account and I have now wasted nearly £60 with pretty much nothing to show for it and had to run out at lunch time and get a substitute present which considering I ordered this one over a month ago isn't even close to as good as this would have been had they got it right. I have dropped my rating to one star and my advice would be as I have changed my opinion to - don't touch them with a barge pole!

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