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They don't know what they're doing, from one day till the next!

I bought bunk beds from the website as they fully advertised next day delivery. This was quite important as we just moved and didn't have beds for my young children. I received a confirmation of order and a delivery date for the next day. I was delighted with such a quick service. The next day they called me and said unfortunately they couldn't do the delivery that day but it would arrive two days later. It wasn't a huge change, so I agreed happily and went about unpacking the house. The following day I received another call, but this time, was that they couldn't deliver for another 2 weeks as my items were not in stock!! When did they know this? I had been dealing with the company for 3 days now and they only just realised they didn't have my bed? They should've known that from the day I placed the order or at least put an 'out of stock' sign on website items. I was livid because the kids had been sleeping on the floor for days now and if i had of known they were out of stock on day one, i couldve ordered from another company and would have had the beds by now already! So i did order from another company and received my goods in 24hrs as advertised. I would not recommend this company as they seem unprofessional and disorganised.

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