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Superb cakes, breads and other goodies

My husband and I happened upon this shop in Cambridge while on our way to another shop, but have become addicted. In addition to the wonderful goodies in the windows, they offer breakfast and lunch. We popped in for breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed very fresh fruit, bread and my husband loved his eggs Benedict.

They have a gorgeous cake collection and you can order the cake of your choice online for either pick-up or delivery. They have everything from birthday celebration cakes to some of the most ostentatious cakes one can think of. We ordered the double chocolate with chocolate dipped strawberries adorning the rim and it was divine. They deliver throughout much of the country and we highly recommend a try. Go for it!


Good Sheet music

I ordered from this site and received my sheet music in perfect condition. The only thing I would recommend is that they ship it in a more timely manner. Fortunately, they kept me informed about the time it was taking to acquire items from my order, so would give the higher rating due to good communication about this.


They carry Biolage!

As an American, I had difficulty finding regular-sized bottles of Biolage hair products and they carry them! The order process was easy and i received my items in a timely manner. After going for so long without Biolage, I am so glad to be using this shop now.


Always a lovely experience

The store, Ann Furbank, offers an excellent shopping experience. When you walk in, you will be greeted right away and possibly even offered a glass of champagne. The clothing is of the highest quality and many better European brands and even some American are on offer. I am actually a petite size (with a figure) and they alter clothes to suit my needs. They keep several people out on the shop floor and they always help. The website is good and carries a lot of great fashion basics. Shop here with the confidence to know you are in very good hands.


Products OK but Doesn't follow Trading Laws of UK

Kelly, the owner of the shop is nice in person, but will not follow trading standards regulations for distance selling regulations. After waiting a long time for my order, I decided to cancel since it was too late for me to use the dance items. The parcel was shipped the same day I cancelled even though I cancelled before trade hours (for the store and post office). Kelly told me I could return my items, and I did this in person and she promised to process the refund. It turns out she will not only wait as long as humanly possible to do this, but she will not refund the full amount for the cost of the items. This is for "restocking", but is also now illegal by trading standards. When I communicated with her, she promised to issue the rest of my refund after reviewing the laws and seeing that I was correct. However, no refund ever came. She also never changed the terms and conditions of her company as required by law. The rules are very out of date. She is not an honest person to do business with, so be careful. She seemed so nice in person and it was a shame to learn of her less honest qualities because I will need to do all furture business elsewhere.


Very beautiful flowers

My mother, in the US, was the first to use this site as she wanted to send flowers to me. After my beautiful flower delivery, I proceeded to use them myself for a number of orders. The flowers are gorgeous and very good quality, but I have found that there can be a slight issue with them remaining fresh. I normally find that they are not doing so well after 5 days. This could be because of the temperature in my house for all I know, but it would be nice to know that flowers are going to last at least a full week if not up to two weeks when they cost so much money. The delivered items, though, are usually stunning.


Love the salt beef

The salt beef from this company is some of the best I've ever had in the world and even better, it gets delivered directly to my door! The website is designed for information, but not for online sales. Therefore, when you call them, you will need to tell them what you need and give your details. A person from accounting will contact you with the total cost a while later and you will have salt beef within two days. They package it to stay cold and send it by courier. I love it and can't wait to order my next few slabs.

Cybercandy Ltd

Pretty good

I have used Cybercandy a few times, but find that the website isn't very modern or well-organised. While I almost always get everything I want, there are times when they are out of stock on an item and they have not charged for it, a good thing. I think the most difficult part about working with them is that it is hard to feel really secure putting details on the site because I haven't seen any security information and it doesn't feel secure, though they have always given good service. This always makes me look at other shops before buying. It would be great to see them invest a bit of money in developing the site so that it secures more customer confidence.

John Lewis

Love John Lewis

I have always enjoyed shopping at John Lewis, but since having been stricken with health issues, I haven't been able to get out to shop so much. The website, however, has much to offer, free shipping for most orders, and is very easy to navigate. I don't lose my connection with them and the product descriptions are very good. When there was a slight error, they fixed it at their expense and ensured I had what I needed the next day.


Wonderful foods

I love the smoked cashews and almonds which are available here. Other foods are nice as well. They have good and quick service.


Another happy customer

When I eat pizza, I need to have a good old American Root Beer and this is where i go to get it. I am also able to get favorite American candies from them. The customer service is quite good and they have begun to occasionally call me about offers so that I get my goodies at a hefty discount. Food and drinks are normally perfect and I am a customer for life!


Wonderful Selection

I moved to the UK from the US over 6 years ago and felt fortunate to find this store which carries some of my favorite boutique/high quality hair products. I normally get my Bumble and Bumble shampoo line with them and they often get my order to me within two days. They also offer good discounts. I love this shop and will continue to buy from them for a long time.


Highly Dependable

They almost always have what I need and free shipping is an added bonus!


Good and Reliable

I don't normally like to shop in the supermarket, so delivery is an important part of my grocery acquisition. Tesco has always been on time, lets me know their coming, and is willing to take products back if they are not good enough. It would be nice if they had more of the products I wanted, but then it would be nice if any of the markets did. This service is convenient and easy, so I will keep using it.

Virgin Atlantic

Fly Whenever Possible

Virgin Atlantic makes everything so easy for us. They were especially helpful when my father had a heart attack and they got me into Upper Class on a Saturday morning in the height of holiday season. He died a week later and they were very flexible with my return travel plans to the UK so that I could do the work on his estate before leaving the US. They also refunded half of my and my husband's airfares because of the situation and they did not have a refund policy for this. the fact that they gave back 1700 pounds when we couldn't even have a set schedule was impressive and I will always travel with them when I can.


Amazing Place to Shop!

I've been using this shop for about three years and love it. The owner and her colleagues know their customers, their needs, and are very sensitive to everyone. They remember what I purchased, when I purchased it, my name and make it feel like I am the only customer present in spite of the fact that others are receiving similar service. The can special order sizes or items not carried in the shop and the online shop is quite good as well. Best of all, their products are of the highest quality and people can purchase with the confidence that they are getting the best.

Dog Online

Do Not Shop Here

I ordered a dog bed from this store and have yet to receive it after nearly three weeks. They will not respond to any email messages through their "ticketing" system even though they promise a response within 48 hours. Telephone calls remain unanswered and I am really beginning to believe my item will never arrive and that they have my money for nothing. I have been confined in the home for over one week (no walks for my very energetic dog!) while awaiting delivery and it should have arrived much sooner. I have no confidence left in this store and hope that if they are a legitimate establishment, they will improve their service considerably.

Added 7/3/2011: I finally received the bed mentioned in the previous post about this company. Payment cleared weeks ago and, according to the website, the bed dispatched this past Tuesday after it had supposedly been dispatched weeks before. The bed was dispatched on Friday of last week instead and arrived this morning. It is considerably thinner than the indicated measurements in the description, the bottom of it slides right across the floor (rugs and wood both), and the dog doesn't seem to like it either. I don't dare to send it back as it was already dirty when it arrived, so they will try to tell me it isn't returnable. Finally, they have been dishonest to this point, and I doubt they would issue a refund based on previous lies and practices. I will never recommend this company to anyone. I was fully prepared to adjust my rating of the store once the problems were resolved, but it is a terrible company which needs a business-oriented owner who knows that customer service and quality products create profits. They are motivated to take the money, but not deliver the service.

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I'm a university lecturer in the fields of education and applied and sociolinguistics. I also play the violin professionally, do volunteer work in Ghana schools and love to spend time with my husband and our dog.