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Pimlico Plumbers

Endless bodged bathroom jobs via my landlord sorted out in one call and one visit

My life has been plagued by the weirdest toilet flushing system known to man since I moved into my otherwise lovely flat in Bermondsey two years ago. My landlord, who's a nice chap bless him, kept getting his mates in every time the cistern had a tantrum (about every two months) - requiring (ahem) physical intervention to get the flaming thing to flush when it chucked its toys out of the pram.

A call to Pimlico this morning resulted in a very nice (and might I add - very cute and nice looking) visit from one David Harris barely an hour later. As I expected the weirdest plumbing arrangement known to man required a lot of thought, quite a bit of innovation and a considerable degree of perseverance that took most of the day. Hurrah! I now have a toilet that works properly and will continue to do so. And David is welcome for another visit any time :) !

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