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After I paid for teeth leaser-whitening treatment the soonest appointment with Rite Smile in Brunel House in Cardiff they could offer me was in 4 weeks time!
After 4 weeks waiting I turned up for my appointment when receptionist (which represents another few companies on the same floor) informed me that there is NO ONE TO DO YOUR TREATMENT HERE TODAY AS SHE CANT SEE ANY APPOINTMENT BOOKINGS FOR THE DAY. I left all my contact details with receptionist for them to contact me SAP. They never did. I waited for two weeks then decided to make a call to find out why nobody contacted me back.
The women from RITE SMILE responsible for my treatment acted in very rude and arrogant manner lying through her teeth that my appointment was at 11 o'clock and not at 9!!!
She refused to issue refund then told me to contact LIVINGSOCIAL customer service centre and with sarcastic coment 'AND GOOD LUCK WITH THEM' hung up on me!

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Palo Patus
Cardiff, United Kingdom