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Great value and very convenient - just watch for staff adding 'extras' when you actually pick up the vehicle!

I recently spent a month visiting the USA, and hired a car through the Rentalcars website on 3 separate occasions (Boston, Buffalo, Philly). The initial selection, reserving and paying for the rental via the website was excellent, and much easier than going to individual dealer websites for quotes.

The actual car I drove was also a good match to what I reserved when you consider my caveat below about watching out for agents attempting to give you a worse car or charge you for an 'upgrade' when you pickup the rental - I believe that this is to some degree outside of the control of Rentalcars, as they utilise a wide variety of rental agencies...

I also found the cost very favourable when comparing with dealer websites, and organising a rental through Rentalcars includes all the relevant insurance and waivers (such as LDW) at a MUCH better price than you will get when negotiating with office staff upon pickup. I can vouch for the LDW as I managed to bash the bumper on one car, and besides filling out a short form, no other action (or money) was involved...

HOWEVER, and this is a big however, be very wary of what staff in the Rental office are charging you upon pickup. It's accepted practise in the USA for rental agencies to charge you for a full tank of fuel (and you can return the car empty), but watch out for sneaky 'upgrade' charges, extra irrelevant insurance (you're most likely already covered), and toll-passes that you don't need!

For example, when picking up my car in Boston at Thrify the agent quietly added an upgrade charge for what was effectively the car I had requested. He also attempted to add extra unneeded insurance and an 'EZ' toll-pass that I wasn't going to use. Unless you question every item on the bill, and forcibly push back you may get stung for an unnecessary cost (and yes, you may have to be rude by British standards, as the agents are heavily incentivised to sell insurance etc :) )

It's also much better value to buy your GPS before you travel overseas or buy one once there - renting a GPS for a week will cost the same as buying the unit, and in my experience I have found both the device and maps to be more up to date with the units I have bought.


Absolutely rubbish customer service, and they didn't even care...

I initially phoned to book a car audio installation (speakers), and although the salesman was helpful enough, with hindsight there were several subtle clues that using WeCanFit would not be a good experience...

For a start, the salesman was very vague with answers to my questions, which I assumed were quite standard; "How do I know if I have all the cables/components required for install", "I don't have a driveway in which to park my car, is this a problem" and "will the weather affect installation?" He dismissed each question, as if it would not affect an install. It turned out that all three of these questions resulted in a problem...

The first installation appointment available after my enquiry was one month away, and although I was a little concerned about parting with my money and then having to wait a month, I put this down to the post-xmas rush for installations. However, this installation was cancelled the day before it was due, via SMS. Not great customer service... I then phoned and attempted to book another date, which I was informed would be another month away... At least this engineer did turn up on the day, but the story doesn't end there!

The engineer turned up late in the afternoon for my "morning" appointment, and informed me he was parked outside (I'm really not sure why he didn't knock on my door and speak face-to-face?). He first asked me if I had all the necessary cables and housing for the speakers - I didn't know, as this was one of my questions I asked 2 months ago, upon initial booking. He then stated that as it was raining, and I didn't have a 'covered areas' under which he could work, he was cancelling the appointment. To add insult to injury, he then mentioned that because I had no 'off-road' place to park my car, that an installation would be impossible anyway (for reference, my car was parked in an on-road marked parking bay, on a quite street). This maybe a fair point, but it would have been good to have been told this at the time of booking. His parting words were that someone from the office would be in contact with me by close of business to arrange a refund.

After several days went by, and no-one had called I decided to call the office myself. The person I spoke to "understood" my frustration and supposedly passed my request for a refund onto my billing department. After a week had passed, I had still not received a refund, and so I called again. I spoke to someone different, but had exactly the same response. This happened again (3 times in total), and by the fourth time I demanded to speak to a manager. After 10 minutes of explaining my story, the manager reluctantly agreed to refund my money, minus a call-out fee!! I explained that the call-out was not my fault and should never have occurred, as all the problems could have been sorted by the first sales person properly answering my questions. The manager mumbled something about this being a 'fair point' and promised a refund.

I've just seen that after 3 months from the initial booking, I have been refunded, but, and you've guessed it, minus a £37 call-out charge - i.e. half the cost of the installation!!

These guys are clearly all a bunch of muppets, with no-one I spoke to being very helpful (or knowledgeable), and all of them seemed keen to pass-the-buck at every opportunity. I can't be bothered to phone them to attempt to get the call-out fee refunded as this will be a further waste of my time. Instead I'll post a negative review on as many review sites as I can find - a much more valuable use of my time :)

Hopefully this will eventually get back to WeCanFit, and force them to consider updating their "the customer is always wrong" policy to customer service. I hope they will discover that given the current economic climate, customer service is becoming ever more important!

I would recommend you avoid using WeCanFit at all costs!


Tredz Bikes

Great communications and quality products

Being a mountain-biker at heart I wanted branch out and buy my first road-bike. After shopping around in both local stores and online I found my ideal bike for the best price at Tredz. After ordering I was kept informed about a small delay in delivery of my order (the bike was an old model), and also informed exactly when it would be delivered.

The bike arrived in great condition, and due to the fact that customer service like this is getting harder to find these days, I will definitely be shopping with Tredz again!


Great variety of supplements at unbeatable prices!

As I like to make by own protein shakes using a variety of (non-standard) ingredients, MyProtein provides everything I need in a one-stop shop, and at a great price too. I've recently started buying their ready-mixed isontonic drinks too, and they are also very tasty! I've ordered from MyProtein for several years now, and never had any problems yet. Keep up the good work!

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