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Chilliesauce = complete shambles - follow up to pauls post below and my stag do

Paul you are completely correct, I'm sorry chilliesauce you guys are a complete shambles, I was the stag and I had to step In to sort out poor bookkeeping your end, the situation got so bad at times that I had to do jamies job for him and tell him people had paid which he had no clue about.

Contacting jamie is another topic all together, out of 20 calls he will answer 1 call. I don't care how busy you are as a company we are paying for a service you chilliesauce simply did not deliver.

Now we have written proof that the 23rd person who you claim was 'free' simply is not true!!
mr wahied shah paid for his and he is a lawyer by profession, he raised this on the day showing photographic proof that he had paid - another massive cock up by chilliesauce. No free place chilliesauce for 23rd guy, you guys can't even protect your company name at all with your lies or cheap attempt at it!

You even managed to mess up our booking!!! We never asked for "max catz" or whatever that is, we were meant to get "quad biking", what a complete shambles, you ruined my stag day, actually the manager lisa masters at countrywide special events on the actual event day was so embarrassed and apologetic she said she would discuss and would look to give us 50 to 100percent refund, she was a lovely person and is not to blame for this... typically we never have received this refund from chilliesauce (although I will post again if they have rectified this - another 20 ppl will be leaving msgs on all the forums and boards in the coming days and weeks).

Now onto the stag do itself, it was a complete shambles, people paid £89 others more as jamie randomly charged some people extra. People had 5mins max on each ride, so for £119 quid or £89 quid they spent a total of 15mins max on all 3 activities....why the heck was there only 2 rage buggies , 1 hovercraft and 2 (wrongly booked max katz - maybe 3 - whatever as we did not book this anyways and was a rather dull experience compared to the fun quad bikes we were meant to have).

Chilliesauce you guys are useless and we will never use you again, actually I am so upset we are all planning on taking further action if nothing is resolved with my stag organiser paul sutters to a amicable conclusion.

Look forward to your reply, and this time don't make it a corporate cheap attempt at saving your bacon, we all are going to be posting till this is resolved.

And jamie, can't believe you were rude to people who paid to be at the stag do including elderly members of my family who were using your services, you were on the whole polite to me so I don't understand why you did not extend this side to everyone else of you to the people who paid 2k in total for my stag. All I got from everyone on the day was complaints about you jamie and how useless chillie sauce are as a company.

16 July 2013

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Hi Omar, we are very sorry to hear of your experience, especially being the Stag. We take all feedback and complaints very seriously, and have made every effort to contact Paul (the group leader) regarding this.

It was advised by us and the activity centre prior to arrival of how the day would will run due to your increased numbers. We are sorry that this information was not passed on, and this led to your disappointment with the activity day. Please refer to our response to Paul’s post below where your points have been addressed.

With regards to your statements from the Activity Centre on the day regarding an offer of a refund, I'm afraid this is incorrect. We have spoken to them directly, where this was denied and have a report of your session from them.

At Chillisauce we pride ourselves on giving top level customer service so it is with regret that you are were not happy with the service you received from Chillisauce, we hope that you will let us try again in the future.

Kind Regards,


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