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I have given the lowest possible rating for TalkTalk, and I still feel this rating is way too high. Being a customer of TalkTalk has been a horrifyingly stressful experience from day one. I took out my TalkTalk contract during a promotional period to receive a £50 Tesco voucher. During the first 30 days of my contract I unexpectedly had to move home, and took my TalkTalk contract with me. As I moved home TalkTalk refused to pay me my voucher, and as it took months to get then decided I shouldn't have it because that promotion was no longer on. After countless phone calls and hours of my life wasted, I finally managed to get my £50. This was only a sign of things to come. The broadband speeds I received were horrifically slow. I couldn't even load YouTube videos. Once again, attempting to speak to advisers regarding the slow broadband speed is something that has wasted hours of my life via various phone calls to absolutely useless advisers. Then one adviser asked me if I would like to be placed into an 18 month contract, to which I responded categorically no. Despite my refusal of this, the adviser went and signed me into a new 18 month contract against my will, which is very illegal. After this I spoke to various other advisers who put notes on my account to say that I had been signed into this contract against my will and my contract would in fact be ending after 12 months. The problems did not even end here, and then TalkTalk then decided to increase my bill from £3.25 to £6.50 as it had added a phone package to my account that I had not requested. I rang to resolve this issue, was given £3.25 back, yet this still didn't resolve the issue for the next month when I was once again charged £6.50 and had to yet again contact TalkTalk. Finally, the day came when I could ring and give my notice for termination of my contract from this abysmal service. The person I was initially speaking to was having difficulties cancelling my account, so believed the only resolution was to terminate the call without any warning to me whatsoever. I then had to ring back and start the whole process over again. I was speaking to an adviser who then began to get angry with me as she said there was no note on my account regarding the 18 month contract and that I would have to fulfil the 18 months. I then requested to speak to a manager, and after much deliberation on her part, finally put me through to a manager. The manager found the note on my account instantly stating that I only had to fulfil the initial 12 month contract, so the previous adviser was obviously useless at her job. Finally, after a 55 minute phone call I was able to cancel my contract and be free of the useless TalkTalk service forever.

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