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WD Bathrooms

Poor delivery and customer service.

My comments in part echo the last reviewer.
I ordered my products back on the 27th of October, I am writing this review whilst still waiting in for these products, the delivery company were meant to be ringing me to let me know when they would be delivering. They have not contacted me yet. I have called wd bathrooms a couple of times to find out what is going on , in one instance I was quite rudely told the quicker I got off the phone to them the quicker they could find out. I have since been told by wd bathrooms that my delivery is coming today, but I have still not heard from the delivery company.
This is a really poor delivery service especially as most companies offer free delivery for spending a large amount.
I doubt I would use wd bathrooms again due to there poor delivery, and shall be warning all my friends whom a lot of as we'll so myself are in the building trade.

I have now recieved my bathroom and I have a broken shower tray. Called to let them know and was told I needed to email and wait for a response, so far it has taken me a week and three days to get a broken shower tray. Please avoid these people if you can.

Thanks for the reply I am still waiting for someone to contact me though surely whoever replied to my review could have called.

18 December 2013

Reply from WD Bathrooms

Thank you for your review which helps us to improve our service. We apologise for any poor service that you may of had from WD Bathrooms. If you would like to further comment on your experience then please contact me directly via


Customer Service Manager


Terrible car worst ever poor service

I write this review half way through my current rental with rental
We picked our car up from Heraklion airport in Crete. The car was being supplied by Caldera.
We were led from arrivals to the back of an airport carpark with a tiny hut in the corner amazing as rental cars say they only use leading suppliers.
The man filled out the form which was all in Greek, he then took a card imprint we don't know how much for as he phoned it through.
We were then shown to our car we had booked the smallest car they had, we are given a seat something which was in four different shades of red.
The car was covered in dents when he put the crosses on the form it looked like spot the ball.
The fuel tank was empty even though our agreement was that they supply the car with a full tank, so will now have the usual problem of having to return the car completely empty or supplying them with free fuel.
The car also had the engine warning light on constantly, when I raised the fuel and engine light subject with the renter he told me that they don't fill the cars up and the engine light was always on and there was no other car.
After the frantic search to find a fuel station in a car that rattled like a bag of bolts we heade to our hotel only to find that ther car did not accelerate in any gear above third and not great in the first three.
When we arrived at the hotel I emailed rental cars straight away to complain I emailed as I had no signal.
There response was for me to call the rental company and return the car for another which meant a two to three hour round trip and another car with no fuel.
I replied to there email stating my contract was with them and that I had already raised the issues with the rental company and was told it was the only car.
I have still not heard back from rental cars even though I have sent an email every day over this last week.
We feel like we cannot go out in the car as it feels like it may break down at any moment, we do not have any money to rent another and they have ruined our holiday.
Please do not rent from this company as there promises online are not met.
Never again

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