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Good range of products so so quality

ASOS offers a good range of products with some really good designs. But I think many really poor quality products are made to look good and when you get them even in sale, you think- I paid a bit too much.
Good service in terms of delivery- quite fast and traceable.
Website and especially android app are having a few technical issues in terms of filtering, lack of reviews option, bad product categorisation and low quality images.


Took the money and put in a wrong account

I've paid off my loan about 3.5 month ago. To my surprise, when I checked my experian credit rating, I've noticed that I'm 2 month behind on my loan.
I called the bank and after speaking to 3 people in India and the UK, the money was found, but not in my account. I asked santander to update my credit report and also emailed experian explaining the problem.
2 weeks later, checking my report, I discovered that my ratings even lower due to unpaid loan.
I called the bank again, spending an hour on the phone and talking to 4 people. Again nobody knows what's going on. At the end they assured me that the money transfer to my account should take place soon which will resolve the problem. I asked them for the statement, but they told me that they don't do statements. Then they wanted £3.50 to send it out.
I was furious. They said that the statement will be posted on 18th of March 2014. Today's is 21th and I had nothing.
Absolutely disgusting service and totally untrained personnel.

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Where are they when you need them?

I've been banking with this company over 10 years. I have a good job, but due to the fact that my husband lost his business during financial crisis, we started to experience some money constraints.
Both of us have secure jobs and needed a loan to support my studies. HSBC totally refused me, despite the fact that my repayments after paying off the previous loan are going to be £30 a month more.
Two years ago they showered us with letter offering anything we want and now- totally opposite. Interesting, the banks kill the economy, get taxpayers money and punish us for not being able to meet their standards. What about meeting ours?

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