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Not too impressed with them really. Not the cheapest around either.

I did Buy it Now for two drives on DABS's eBay store. I payed and within minutes found them cheaper on eBuyer (with free 24hr shipping). I messaged DABs via eBay to ask as to whether they would refund the difference, or..... since I saw on their Web Site that they do not price match?, to agree to cancelling the transaction and I would buy from eBuyer instead.
My messages went ignored and the next working day I got a message to say items were shipped. I messaged DAB's again, this time stating that I would have no option but to leave Negative feedback if they do not respond to my messages, at which point I received a flurry of replies to my earlier messages. They now suggest I refuse delivery with Royal Mail (hang on one minute.... The auction says "courier"??)... and the drives will be returned to them.... Only to then have to fight them for my refund??? I don't think so!!
I will take it on the chin this time but I WILL NOT BUY FROM DABS AGAIN!!!
They are not the cheapest around anyway and I recommend you always spend a few minutes shopping around a little. I found eBuyer cheaper than DABs for the drives I bought and they also offer 24hr free shipping on them too.
I also notice that eBuyer seem to reply to every review posted about their company on Trustpilot..... Something clearly DABs do not do.

Also, please bear in mind that people are more likely to review if they have had a bad experience and wish to tell people about it. This probably accounts for the lower scoring in general for both DABs and also other companies on here. It shouldn't be taken on face value..... and to be honest.... I would try any company 'once' regardless of previous reviews (good or bad)!

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