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No Customer Service, didn't even knowck on door, still no parcel

This company I thought were going to be great- clear emails with a one hour slot and even a tracker- how fab!

I did miss my delievery slot thei first day as apparently I had to sign for it- which the company I bought from didn't tell me- fine, I can get over than.

What I can't get over is if I change my delevery date for when I am available and the van just drives past leaving no calling card- that makes me pretty mad.

So I did manage to call through to a helpful lady in about 15 mins but she said she would try and get the driver to come back..... no driver and not even a call to say he couldn't do it!

So then I change my delivery for a safe palce (apprently a upturn recyling box isn't safe) but I asked them to do that anyway be cause I am a customer and because I work all day.

I thin also send a email to them to confirm what I wanted and all I got back was a automated reply- which meant they hadn't bothered to read the email, please see chain below (my reply is first):

Dear Masour,

Please stop sending empty replies. The reply below is automated- please don't insult my intelligence.

If you had been bothered to read my email correctly you would have seen that I am out today and that I have left a note to say please leave n my recycling box. You would also realise that I didn't ask for an update.

Your options below are useless:

1. My neighbour works (just like me)
2. Your local depot is over an hour away and your hours don't work for people with jobs
3. I work and want my parcel when I ask for it. The last time I took time off for my parcel your driver didn't bother to stop and get out- he didn't even leave a calling card.
4. I'm not paying more- if you can't be bothered to to deliver correctly on this service why would I want to upgrade.

Your customer service is appalling, it takes only a couple of minutes to read a email correctly.

I now expect a proper reply showing that you have acknowledge my email or I will be taking this further.



Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 13:10:38 +0100
From: customerservices@dpd.co.uk
To: ejane@live.co.uk
Subject: Ref

Dear Emma Jane,

Thank you for your email concerning your parcel, tracking reference: 01340167.

Further to your request for an update, I am pleased to confirm that your consignment will be delivered today between 14:42 - 15:42, which means you will not have to wait in all day to receive your goods.
If this is not convenient for you, there are a range of options available such as:
1. Leave with a neighbour or in a safe place
2. Collect from the local depot
3. Changing the delivery date
4. Upgrading the delivery service
You can track this delivery, and make changes (like those listed above) to it online at www.dpd.co.uk. Simply enter the tracking number into the search or tracking box at the top right of the page.
Should you need anything further, or have any questions concerning this email, please contact me via the details which appear below.
Kind regardsMansour Sakr
Customer Service Agent
DPD Central Customer Services

Stay away from this company- at least others can help you better when they muck up- DPD are the worst.

03 September 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Emma,

Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention. I'm very sorry that you had issues with your delivery and that you did not receive a personalised and sufficient response from us :(

I have looked into this matter and see that your parcel will be delivered today between 14:42 & 15:42. If you encounter any issues whatsoever, or if you want to discuss anything, please email socialmedia@dpd.co.uk with your phone number and a customer service agent will contact you.

Kind regards,



Wiggle are great- UK mail not so much

Wiggle are a great company- have loads of different types of equipment and a easy to use site. They should stop using UK mail to deliver. They do not aline wit Wiggle's ethos. UK mail forget you are a customer.

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