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3 years to resolve a faulty equipment issue and still ongoing!!

I have been advised a "charging problem" with the equipment is not a fault! After the 3rd attempt at resolving this issue, and being told at last contact that the issue would not happen again, it has been discovered that there is a charging problem between the hub and charging cradle. I feel this should have been picked up sooner and resolved. I have had to pay for a service since November 2010 which I have not been able to use and I am not happy about this at all! I am seriously considering taking my broadband and phone line to another provider as I am not happy with the service received. I hope other customers of yours do not have to go through the same as we have. I feel myself and my wife have wasted hours trying to get the same issue resolved. I have requested a complaint be raised and for this to remain open until we feel things have been handled correctly. I have kept a record of our latest live chat and will keep note of all conversations from here on. I am totally dissatisfied with the service provided!!!

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