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Atlantic Shopping - Bar Stools & Dining Chairs

If Carling made Bar Stools ........... !!!


I wanted a pair of bar stools for our new utility room/breakfast bar, and thought the easiest thing was to purchase online. I did so, not from Atlantic, but another company whose advert I spotted. Big mistake!! The chairs were delivered nice and quickly, BUT, both had defects in the leather pattern, both were dangerously wobbly, and one wouldn't stay in the desired height position. How much worse could it get?!! I contacted the company within an hour of receiving the chairs, and they wanted me to send them photos of the defects - WHAT?!!! The chairs were no damn good even if the leather had been perfect!! Long story short, I started looking at other sellers and was SO impressed with Atlantic's site. Not only was it easy to see the huge range of different items available, but it gave helpful advice in choosing which chair would be most suitable. I purchased two, genuine leather, gas lift chairs, and am thrilled with them. They were delivered incredibly swiftly, are wonderfully high quality, don't wobble (very important, that one!!) and are soooooo comfortable they could be used to sit in all day, with no discomfort whatsoever. I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending this company, and would most definitely buy from them again. Thank you Atlantic!!


PlumbNation - wish there were more like you!!

Hi All,

I just wanted to let everyone know what a tremendous service PlumbNation give. I'm a bit new to this online lark, and only found out about them when I needed to purchase a couple of new radiators for our kitchen and utility room. Their prices were the best, they offered a full range of goods from the cheapest up to the higher quality items, and their customer service was unbeatable. I could even choose my delivery day! Unfortunately, due to flooding at my holiday bungalow in Norfolk, I realised that I would not be able to be in on the chosen day. I though that this would cause problems and that I wouldn't be able to change the date. However, it was absolutely no problem at all! The polite lady asked me what day I would be able to accept the rad's, came back to me within about five minutes, and that was that - all fixed up!! With the new delivery date - again, of my choosing!!

Fabulous company, definitely recommend them and will use them again whenever I can!

Thank you , thank you, thank you for a great buying experience!!


Northern Parrots

'Oooooer! Yummy', says Georgie!

Hi Parrot Lovers Everywhere!

I just wanted to let you know about my recent purchase from Northern Parrots. Georgie is our hugely loved African Grey Parrot. He's 14 years old, and I purchased him two years ago from a lovely lady that had owned him from just a few weeks old. She'd known him since he popped out of his shell, and had helped hand feed him until he was old enough to live with her. Very sadly, she developed an illness that made her need more and more sleep, and she realised that Georgie was getting depressed as she was sleeping more and more, and was unable to spend as much time with him. I'd placed an advert on Preloved, saying I was looking for an African Grey, I said that my brother had owned parrots for at least 25 years and I'd been wanting one for years, but had waited because I'd always had a lot of terriers living in the house, and because I wanted the parrot to be able to come out of his cage I'd had to wait until my darling dogs had lived out their natural lifespan. Louis was our last, and was getting old and doddery, he was 16 years old, and had bad eyesight - now was the time - a parrot would be safe! Long story short, I spoke with Georgie's owner every day for a week until she felt happy that I was good enough to be Georgie's new 'mum'. One of things that she insisted upon was that I would absolutely promise to always feed Georgie a certain food. Species Specific was the food, a complete type that she had always fed the lovely Georgie on. She had heard stories of parrots becoming ill on normal seed type foods, sometimes if the food was kept incorrectly the nuts could become toxic, and be extremely dangerous when fed by an unsuspecting owner. I collected Georgie, and after many hours being told of his little 'ways' I left a tearful owner and bought him home.

We have always fed him on the food she recommended. It may seem expensive in comparison to the nut/seed type foods, but, when you consider that there is no waste whatsoever, no mess thrown all over the floor, and no nuts to go toxic, then as far as I'm concerned, there's no question that it's the food to feed. Georgie seems to love it, along with all the fruit and other things that he gets. Believe me, when Georgie wants grapes it's a whole lot easier to give in and get him one - there's no peace unless Georgie gets what he wants. He even tells us when to go to bed - and gets quite stroppy about it if we don't go fairly promptly!! Amazing!

Northern Parrots were recommended to us, and we're extremely happy with them. A good price, hugely efficient service - next day delivery - what's not to like?!

We have now got four dogs living in the house with Georgie, he calls them, tells them to go out, tells them to 'Shut up' if they make too much noise, whistles for them when he want them to come in - honestly, he is truly amazing. Well worth the cost of Species Specific, and more!!

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