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Use any bank except HSBC

Now, time for a rant about HSBC. For those of us who have accounts with these guys, I lend my sympathy. For anyone who does not have an account with them, don't. There has been a long litany of trying to get them to do something that I won't go into now, but the latest is beyond belief. The bank has instituted this security device thing that you need to do certain on-line transactions, like wire transfers, etc. I have one of these for Sri Lanka, but each country has its own. So I order one for Canada. They assure me that it will be sent by courier. That was exactly one month ago, and still no device.

After 3 weeks, I phone them only to find out that the computer did not make the request because my address is outside of Canada. Of course, no follow up by the bank. Nothing would have been done if I had not called again. This time, they assure me that the thing will reach me in a few days by express courier. One week later, and still nothing.

I call again. This time, I am ready to rip someone's throat out. They don't know anything again. I ask to speak to a supervisor. There are none on duty. Then through the conversation and reference to times of day, I discover that although I am calling a number I think is in Toronto, I actually have someone in Malaysia. I demand to speak to a Canadian agent, who eventually calls me back after an hour. She is very polite, but knows nothing either. She is trying to get the tracking number which as I write, she still has not succeeded in doing.

In desperation, I emailed the branch in Nanaimo where I hold my account. They were very helpful and said they would send out a device immediately, but who know when that will arrive. Meanwhile, here I sit unable to do the banking I need. It was easier 30 years ago, when all you had do was send a fax.

They call this a global banking system. They should be ashamed.

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