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Dell stole this nursing student's money!

A little over a month a go I started researching laptops to purchase for school. I settled on the Dell 17R and proceeded to customize. By the end of customization I added a tablet, 2 1Tb external hard drives and Windows office for a Grand total of $1631.33. Also, while I was customizing I had noticed that as I added each item a date that was in August, I don't remember exactly when in August since I didn't think I would have an issue, popped up saying that the savings was good till then. I saved my cart and it said I had till July 10th. I planned my whole budget around this purchase and on July 8th I went to pay and my order was gone. I chatted with several people, the first telling me that carts only save for 30 minutes and the second admitting that it was 30 days but he couldn't help me either, hoping that I could just purchase my order but instead I was told that my order was now going to be over $2000. I couldn't afford that and part of the reason I was going through Dell was the great deal. Well, I researched and still felt that the Dell 17R was a good choice and placed my order for the laptop, 2 1 Tb external hard drives and the student license for Microsoft office, for a total of $1280. A little later I received an email stating that if I didn't call Dell in one business day to verify credit card information my order would be canceled. I immediately called the number in the email and entered the extension and proceeded to be on hold. I remained on hold for 30 minutes before I started to get upset. I then decided to contact someone online to assist me but anyone I got a hold of couldn't help with verification and at this point I was going on an hour on hold and decided that I wanted to cancel my order. I was given links to other people and finally I was told who could cancel my order but I had to call. So I hung up after being on hold for over an hour and a half and proceeded to call the new number that was given to me in the chat. That person proceeded to tell me that my order was canceled. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he asked me if I was a man or a woman so I hung up. Afterwards the person who had sent the email replied back and I told them that I wanted to cancel my order and they too said it was done. I got an email the next day stated that my order was shipped and I got another email from the verification department telling me that my order was canceled since I never got a hold of them to verify my credit information. I replied back with what happened and never got a reply. Next I noticed that the package was intercepted by Dell and on its way back. At this point the charge was only pending and my bank told me that it was pending because they were waiting for information from Dell, the info that was never collected from me. Well, apparently that day, the day after I have emails claiming my order was cancelled and Dell intercepted the package, they charged my card for $965.83. That is not ethical business practices. I then contacted Dell again and spoke with Vinni who proceeded to tell me that the verification department has that they verified info with me, which they never did and that Dell will be holding my money for 10-12 business days. This is not right. It was Dell's mistakes that made this issue and Dell should be doing everything it can to correct it. During this whole process I was never offered a solution, just given more excuses and the run around. All I want is the money that they illegally debited from my account. As I told Vinni, they should have never debited my card if you was going to intercept the laptop, that is literally stealing.

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